Athena or Kiril?

Hello guys what to do ? I have 2/50 Athena and 1/1 kiril but have only 4 warm cloacks and 0 telesocopes after 2 months of playing. So what should i do ?

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Def ascend kiril! He is super good.
If you have alot of healers 4/70 already, then you could do athena. Her special is good on titans even if 3/70. And she is durable enough up to 9* titans also on 3/70.


It’s a long road to 6 scopes, Id go with Kiril first.

As already said do Kiril all the way and once he is 4-70 start on Athena and hopefully by then you will have the scopes

0 telescopes ? Then Kiril is your choice, he’s very good.

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