Athena or Isarnia

As the title suggest, who in your opinion worth for final ascension? Isarnia or Athena?

I for one am not impress with Athena so far despite I have reached the special max level. Isarnia is great, but too slow to launch her special during raids.

Opinion, guys?

Hand down Athena who is great for raids and titans.

She is the single most powerful defense debuffer in the game so far.


Athena 1000%. The answer is always Athena.


It is really, really hard to give advice without knowing the rest of your hero roster.

For example my friend leveled Perseus to 5* 4.80 instead and that was the right decision.

But comparing the two in a void, Isarnia is better for tile damage, questing and farming, a good second 5* blue. Athena is more versatile for your first rainbow 5* team.

==4* heroes ==

Do you have a decent 4* roster ( see Notes) ?

==rainbow 5* 2.60==

I am a big believer in assembling a rainbow 5* 2.60 team that has synergy and covers all the common roles before leveling any 5* hero to 5* 3.1 .

==Classes ==

Both are rumored to get buffed in the upcoming Class update making Athena more of a raider and Isarnia more of a quester/ farmer. But that is subject to change without any notice whatsoever.

If a hero fits with your current roster, you will never regret leveling them.


[Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team based on Hero XP from training camps, team depth, team versatility, war, and upcoming class update ( linky, linky)


Athena hands down…


hotm/special vs tc20 >>> hotm/special - no brainer


Thanks for the lenghty explanation @Gryphonknight. Yeah I should put the rest of my hero roster there. (I don’t really has the "main team’ that I use during raid and farming. I will usually assess my opponent’s team before assemble my team in accordance to opponent’s tank. That is just my playing style)

My current hero roster consist of Rigard(4:40), Lianna/Horghall (both at 3:30), Hensel 3:60) Guardian Panther/Khionna (both at 3:35), Vivica (3:47), Marjana (4:2).

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Really? So Aegir or Isarnia? :slight_smile:



I am a big fan of getting four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( 20 ), two rainbow 4* 4.70 teams ( +10= 30 total ) before assembling a rainbow 5* 2.60 team.

Depending on your play style, this will take about 12- 18 months ( see notes )

Leveling 5* heroes just to have 5* heroes is very very expensive in Hero XP and 3*/ 4* ascension items.

==First 5* teams==

Panther ( Fast- dispeller )
Vivica ( Slow- Heal, cleanse, defense buff )
Horghall ( Slow- atttack debuffer )
Marjana ( Fast- sniper with DOT )

Not sure about two slow heroes on the same rainbow team. I am really not happy with three. Putting Isarnia on this team would not work well. Athena’s average mana speed would be of greater help.

Panther ( Fast- dispeller )
Vivica ( Slow- Heal, cleanse, defense buff )
Athena ( Average- splash damage, defense debuffer )
Lianna ( Fast- heavy sniper, will get tiny nerf with upcoming classes )

Do you have another 5* red besides Marjana ?


([Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team based on Hero XP from training camps, team depth, team versatility, war, and upcoming class update)

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I have Scarlett (3:60) and Zikikitha (2:23).Basically this is my other Red star heroes that I got

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I would still like to see the rest of your roster.

==Level some 4* 3.60 next==

Personally ( having not seen your other heroes ) I would level:

Boldtusk 4* 3.60
Wilbur 4* 3.60
Guardian Falcon 4* 3.60
Kelile 4* 3.60

And play around with them.

Boldtusk can be tricky to use since his buff only lasts 4 turns, but you can use it to overwrite an enemy attack debuff ( example Scarlett or Skittleskull ) in war or raids. Boldtusk used to be an effective 5* hero, until they nerfed him down to 4* hero.

Wu Kong an Wilbur are worth building 4* teams around ( see notes ).

Falcon is the only current Elemental red defense debuff hero ( this is a big deal ) and has a defense stat higher than any current red hero, including all red 5* heroes and all red 5* HotM, which is very very nice.

Eventually I would probably raise Wilbur and Falcon to 4* 4.70, maybe also Boldtusk.

==Zimkitha or better red 5* hero==

Then I would raise Zimkitha to 5* 2.60 and see how she works with your above team. By then you might have better 5* heroes to choose from.


These are my full roster for your reference. Basically I am just playing for 120 days… lots of things to learn

Screenshot_20181211-030803 Screenshot_20181211-030810


Impressive. You’ve definitely spent some lol.


I can appreciate your assessment…

but Athena is one of the no-brainer elite heroes in the game.

Isarina is great and has her purpose, but Athena 100% no matter what team composition.


Well… Then it now depends on your roster … What you need first…

For titan - Isarnia
For defense war - Aegir

So Athena :slight_smile:

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I am going to give you almost the same advice, with a few tweaks ( you have some awesome heroes ) that I gave Inigo ( see notes ).

==First rainbow 4* 4.70 team==

Click to expand

Wu Kong is worth building a team around ( see notes ).

I would first level a rainbow 4* 4.70 team of Wu Kong, Rigard, Grimm, Melendor and Scarlett.

This team is incredible. I can auto play a lot of season 1 map ( maybe all, I have not tried them fully leveled with Level 7, 4* troops ) and all of season 2, normal difficulty.

Wu Kong is a game changer.

Two 42% healers help keep Wu Kong alive. Different colors so they fire at different times during auto play and during manual they fill up at different times. One healer removed ally debuff while other other removes enemy buff.

Grimm is the best all around Ramming Pulverizer.

Scarlett is fast mana speed, 6 turns ( which is very long ) enemy attack debuff helps keep Wu Kong alive during titans, rare quest, seasonal events, etc.

==second rainbow 4* 3.60==

Click to expand

This team only needs 4* 3.60 ( 1*/ 2* ascension items ) to mesh with the above team. If you really like the heroes, you can level them to 4* 4.70 after you have three rainbow 4* 3.60 and one rainbow 4* 4.70 team.

( see notes for above )

Hansel. You will eventually take Hansel to 4* 4.70 for his special skill control, special skill protection and fast mana speed. But he needs some more support before raising above 4* 3.60.

==third rainbow 4* 3.60 team==

Click to expand

( see notes for above)

Gretel. You might take Gretel to 4* 4.70 for her special skill control, and special skill protection but she works fine at 4* 3.60 especially for war. She compliments Merlin.

Buddy. A lot of players like buddy. Depending on your play style he is an upgrade to Gromek, the 4* red of the Ramming Pulverizer trio. Added bonus he is Green and none of the Ramming Pulverizer trio are green.

==fourth rainbow 4* 3.60 team==

Click to expand

Valeria (see notes ) or Triton.
Falcon ( see notes )
Little John ( see notes )

Tiburtus the purple member of the Ramming Pulverizer trio. Especially useful against yellow bosses/ titans.

2nd Jackal. Because of same reasons for raising the first one to 4* 3.60, Jackal is just that useful. You will eventually raise one of the two to 4* 4.70, but they also work well as a pair at 4* 3.60 and raising two to 4* 3.60 costs the same Hero XP ( and zero 3* ascension items ) as raising one to 4* 4.70.

==fifth rainbow team==

Click to expnand

At this point you have three rainbow 4* 3.60 teams and one 4* 4.70 team. Either raise a rainbow team of 4* 3.60 to 4* 4.70 based on the fifteen 4* 3.60 you find most helpful, or start playing around with rainbow 5* 2.60 teams to see what fits.

Personally I would raise two more rainbow 4* 3.60 to help with war and the upcoming class update. Additionally all the Atlantis 4* heroes and reflect green challenge event 4* heroes have not been released yet.

==rainbow 5* 2.60 team==

Click to expand

This would be a fun team to play with at 5* 2.60 to see how they work together.

Athena ( average mana speed- splash damage and rainbow defense debuffer )
Panther ( fast mana speed- target & nearby, dispeller, Elemental purple defense debuffer )
Evelyn ( fast mana speed- target & nearby, dispeller, Elemental green defense debuffer )
Zimkitha ( fast mana speed- attack all enemies, all ally attack buff, all ally cleanse )
Vivica ( I really like Joon, but Vivica is the only 5* healer I see ).


Inigo advice ( click to expand )

It’s some kind of joke, right? You cannot be serious about this.

With the current roster I’d go for:


But that’s just me. More people, more opinions. Definitely you need to try for Guin in the Avalon summon to strengthen your defence.

@nes so what about Merlin and Proteus? Which one is better in raids in your opinion?

This is like asking whether $100 is better than $1

Athena is the boss

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