Athena def down not applying to titan

Just attacked titan. Athena was in my team along with Ranvir. Ranvir was active when I first fired Athena special. Figured it missed when not applied. Used a super mana potion on Athena and fired again. Definitely hit second time but still no def down was activated. ■■■? Sorry if this is a dupe thread but couldn’t see any other. Ty

In the future I would recomend that you fire Athena first.

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Lol good advice but Ranvir was already running.

Athena’s defense down definitely missed due to Ranvir’s special. Also, her direct damage and defense down are separate part of the special skill, so it can happen that one part misses and the other doesn’t. So in your 2nd case she hit, but her defense down missed. :slight_smile:


So you can hit with damage but not effects? Doesn’t seem right

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Only if you fire Ranvir first can Athena’s special possibly miss. My Ranvir will forever be on the bench.

Still don’t understand how I can hit for physical damage but the effect doesn’t apply? If I hit I should hit with the whole special not parts of it. And I’m aware of Ranvirs special being able to miss. I thought it did miss on first fire. But have a fire titan atm and a blue gem on board with a quite a few blue tiles hence I fired a second time after spending a super mana potion. Was very disappointed to see physical damage but no def down.

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And Ranvir gets better at 35% chance to miss.

That is how all specials in the game works, it might just happen that you have never noticed. All parts of the special skills are separate and are applied in the order in which they are written. Take Kageburado for example, his special states that he dispels first and then hits the enemy. So when he you hit a riposte hero, he doesn’t take any damage because he first dispells. But the opposite happens for someone like Caedmon and Sonya, who gets hits first but then dispels. So when there is a chance of a special skill to miss due to blindness ailment or WuKong/Ranvir buff, there is a chance that any part of the special might miss. It has been like this from the beginning of the game. :slight_smile:

Another example is the dodge talent of rogue heroes. They can evade the direct damage part of a special, but they will still get hit by status ailments. Monks are opposite in nature, they will always take direct damage but can resist status ailments part of a special. Hope this makes sense. :slight_smile:


This really should be stated on all cards then. This seems really shady. You are right I haven’t noticed this happen before and only noticed it cause I was wanting the effect applied.

Or at least on Ranvirs this card says nothing about each part of a special being open to miss rolls

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That’s implied by the accuracy reduction. No, the card doesn’t actually say what accuracy reduction means. Just like it doesn’t say what attack bonus means, nor even so-and-so-many percent damage.

You’ll need to either learn by observation and analysis or by asking those who already done that. There’s plenty info in these forums. :slight_smile:

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Attack bonuses, def up or down etc, etc, are self explanatory. Having abilities that are not explained properly seems to take advantage of players. I have loved Ranvir since I got him. My highest titan hits far outweigh anything my alliance members can achieve. When stacked with Athena it can be truly devastating. But when my attacks hit and effects aren’t applied (EVEN THOUGH I HIT) the fact that I’m forced to endure reroll for chance to miss on each part of my special seems wrong. You state it is IMPLIED? How so? I concur there is a roll to miss but my roll was successful. Why do I then face multiple roll for each part. It does NOT STATE you will roll multiple times on 1 hit.

No, they are really not. See Calculations of attacks on enemies or Attack damage % question or What do stats do? or Help with specials or …

The only reason attack/defence seems self-explanatory to you, is that you already know the explanation.

If you already knew that reduced accuracy represents a chance to miss on every part of a special that affects opponents (and none of the parts that affect allies), it too would have seemed self-explanatory to you.

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This is true but is missing the point. Ranvir card states nothing like this. To me it IMPLIES when I fire a tile or attack it will suffer a chance to miss. My special hit. Simple as that. All effects should apply. Nowhere does it state I will have multiple rolls. And the fact that I need to scour through hours of posts to learn what a hero actually does is wrong in itself. Nuff said. Thank you all but still seems wrong.

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