Athena and others


Hi there, fellow players and devs. I’m rogue and I’m with the fun house alliance.

What’s the shady deal with debuffing heroes?
We get then, we up level them, we invest in them and then You, game creators and developers swoop the rug from under our feet?!
Sorry, guys, don’t mean to be rude but is NOT fair nor decent. I thought the main goal of the game was to defeat Titans and Enemies, not to trick players into spending money, resources and energy.

Would anyone give our heroes back what someone took, please…


IMO, anyone who read Athena’s ability the moment she showed up should have known she was overly OP. In fact search this forum, several folks said she would not last the month without a nerf. She needed to be nerfed, in fact she is the first I have seen that really needed the nerf.

as I said at the start of this reply, this is my opinion, but it was clear she was over powered from day one.


that may be but it is a bait and switch situation. Sill not fair and anyone who thought she would be nerfed did not expect the drastic nature of the nerf.


Honey, I just joined the forum.
If what you say is true, I wouldn’t know.
If was OP, not my idea, I was not the one who created her.
…and maybe you should have gotten ao amd see how it feels to be cheated on by game Devs…



I’ve spent 100 euro for athena … and now it’s like having them thrown away … it’s not right …


I have, they have nerfed several of my heroes, some that I had ascended 100% so yes, I understand how you feel. I just believe to say you didn’t see it coming is odd. It was so obviously OP from day one that if it had not been nerfed I would have been shocked.

But in the end, what I would hope the most is that you not let this stop you from having fun anyway. Either way, have a great day.


And that maybe true for most folks. I know I was unsure how or in what way she would be nerfed on the first day when I read her ability. I just knew she would be nerfed. :grin:


Rogue i agree with you last month i got hel she was great then they nerfed her but i do still love her and i am glad you came here and spoked your mine


well she is pretty useless now. the four star Grimm is a better hero than her. Many of us are taking her out of the lineup and some are threatening to quit the game.
They really need to test and give more thought to these heroes of the month. Their strategy of just throwing these heroes out there untested and just Nerf them if they don’t like the result is extremely unfair to their customers.


And this at dafrca please do not be hard on the new people like rogue yes you been playing a long time and so have i so we expect hero to be nerf but new players do not they have not been playing long enough to know how this game works so im the future try to understand ware they are comming from and do not put their opion down but try to see it through there eyes remember you and i have seen all the changes since the bata they have not we have been here before it want globle so please try to be more understanding of other people opions thank you


So did the Devs never read her ability, or did they intentionally release something OP in an attempt to lure people into spending money to acquire it? Those are literally the only two options. THAT is what the complaints are about. Nerfs and balance changes are an inevitable part of content updates in online gaming. But if the Devs are releasing things that are Obviously and Glaringly unbalanced, it can only be due to incompetence or avarice.


I know which I would vote is the truth but I don’t think they care what I think. :rofl:


Sort of how others like you are understanding my opinions? Sure, no problem. :rofl:


Well, dafrca, must be the only smart and illuminated player…

We feel cheated, received and fraud targets, which makes me doubt the character of the Devs and whether to keep playing and investing on the game, or just drop it.

And, please, be respectful to others…


I agree with you, Smore, thank you for sharing.


Does anyone??? Care, I mean.


Interesting how the call for respect goes just one way eh?

But please, feel free to keep taking your anger out on me sense the developers have failed to show up to address your anger.


Yes, some of us do. But the sad thing is, I have a feeling those who can do something about it do not.


Having a balanced game is critical to fairness and fun.

Given that, adequate playtesting is absolutely necessary and apparently lacking from the dev team.


Can the call for respect go in all directions please? And can we not assume that the other person is smirking at us, or needs to be taken down a peg?

Just asking… :no_mouth: