ATC recruiting: who are you? what do you want? (11* titans, 2000+ cups)

We are ATC, a growing international team, with a good mix of seasoned and newer players, currently taking down 11* titans, always looking to learn more about the changing landscape of the game and grow our might in competitions while looking out for one another.

We use, but do not require, Discord for off-game chat and sharing additional game info, advice, and camaraderie.

Seeking players with 2000+ cups at time of application who will actively hit each titan and who may opt in or out of war, but when opted in, will commit to using unified tank color (currently: purple/dark) and all six war flags.

More generally, people looking for an online clan/family to play together with and for, with an eye to all becoming stronger together.



Like the advert - love Babylon 5
Good luck

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Thanks you JGE! Bob did a great job with this.


Nice job Bob! Did you also mention that we are funny :wink:


Still looking for a new E&P home, especially if the game is driving you a little crazy? Take a look at ATC: because there’s ALWAYS boom tomorrow


(Also: OP updated to reflect our Discord link!)

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Heading into a new week, and… all too soon… a new PoV.

If you feel like sometimes the game is burning you out, and you have forgotten how to dance, give us a look at ATC - a new home, and new partners, can make all the difference.


These are great Bob!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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:grin:. Good stuff! We are cruising along right now!

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