ATC HTA Recruiting - Relaxed atmosphere alliance with opportunity to grow and evolve to a competative partner alliance if desired, later

We are recruiting for a new laid back alliance. We split three long time upper level players off of ATC to form a laid back alliance off-shoot. You can join, learn and level. If you become ultra competitive and leveled up enough, you can slide over to ATC. While with us, we want you to have fun, ask questions and learn. If you opt in to war, please use all available flags that you have teams for. If the Path of Valor is up, please hit the Titans as much as you can while it is active. Otherwise, have fun learn and grow. No tank color restrictions. ATC regularly has 10* Titans, this was our way (through ATC HTA) of accessing more manageable titans and wars while leaving upward mobility and a place to grow into for the competitive players. Looking for players UNDER 3800 +/- Have questions ask them, tips, share them and above all, enjoy the game and company you are playing with. Find us under ATC HTA - golden telescope on a purple flag. For 4400+ very competitive players, feel free also to check out ATC instead

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