Asterius, C.Elena or Reuben?

I’ve only few rings and I have Asterius, Reuben and C.Elena at 3.70.
I’ve tried to delay the choice but now is the time!

Considering I have Mitsuko+20, C.Marj+20, JF+7,Zimkitha+0, Grazul+0, GM+0, QoH+0, BT+20, Wilbur+0, Falcon+0 and considering that I have not many druids emblems, what would you suggest to do?

I would choose Reuben there, because he is great to pair with C.Marj (you can search for Thoth+Panther for similar L&F).

But Asterius can be great too, if you have mana troops 23th.

Too bad, I’m still at 21 for red troops. When I started playing I didn’t understand how important troops are and I’m lagging behind :frowning:

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