Assyrian Aegis recruits

We are active, fun and we support each other. Experimented and beginners are welcome. The only requirements needed are :

  • Be active. Hit the titan + war optional. If opted in for war, use the 6 flags. You can opt out anytime.
  • TP minimum : 2500

Line is not required but highly recommended for fun and for directives. Hum…for directives and for fun :wink:

Join us ! :slight_smile:

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Update :slight_smile:

6 spots available still :heart:

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I’m not a recruit

Just curious about the name

What does it mean?

Hey Rigs !

Assyrians are semitic people from an ancient civilisation. Have you ever heard about Assyria Empire ? :slight_smile: Then…about the name of the alliance, i guess we are protectors coming from Assyria lol.

5 spots available gentlemen and gentlewomen. Join us :slight_smile:

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