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Hi all, this is my first post and looking for guidance. I’m apart of an alliance (more like a leach at this point) with a group of good fellas and heavy hitters who help me when and where they can. However, the amount of help I need is made difficult through chat.

Anyhow, I’ve made a lot of newbie mistakes and some would even go as far to say, idiotic for having invested so much into something I know very little about. But, that’s neither here nor there. I’m seeking redirection and assistance to make good with what I do have.

Below is my current Hero roster.

I’ve been given advice to keep duplicates for AW, Titans, etc. But when given this recommendation every time I ask, if I should keep a particular duplicate hero, they don’t know the full status of my hero slots.

I feel like I have enough heroes to make up 30 decent teams to get rid of duplicates. However, every time I begin feeding them into one another, I stop short of hitting the Level button. Because, I don’t know if a particular hero for AW would be good to have.

The other issue is, well I’m too new to have the mats to focus on 5 star heroes. Not realizing this, I’ve wasted much of my resources into Sartana, Marjana, and others (but mostly the two mentioned).

So I’ve decided to refocus to 3* and 4* heroes. (…doing this completely ssa sdrawkcab, I know I’m already beating myself up over it).

If anyone would be kind enough to help me:
Consolidate my heroes (because realistically, how am I ever going to level more than 1 Zimkitha’s in any reasonable amount of time?)
Help me pair up formidable teams to with the heroes I have.
Send me a virus that prevents me from ever buying gems again.

I would appreciate it very much!

Well I can’t help with the virus, your willpower is your own !

Firstly - I would focus on a core 4* team. Level 1 of each colour to their max
And then do a second.

Once you’ve got 2 of each colour you can start doubling up colours in raids etc

I would leave the 5* until you have accumulated ascension materials for them

I’d personally start with :

Blue : Grimm then Kiril
Purple : Rigard then tibertus
Green : melendor then caedmon
Yellow : wu then jackal
Red : wilbur then falcon

This will give you a solid bench and mix of the basic skill set.
Heal, attack buff, defense debuff, dispel and cleanse

Practise with these - learn the skills and how you like to play.
Then pick the 5* that complement your style when you know more and have the materials to ascend them

As for duplicates. I wouldn’t keep dupes of any 3*.
For 4* - you need at least a good set of healers for war so I’d keep the duplicate kirils etc
You need at least 6 and up to 12 if you like to raid with 2 healers

I would be loathe to feed away any 5* - but 5 zimkithas does seem overkill !!!

You can send me 1 for the advice :wink:

I wouldn’t worry about bothering your alliance with questions. It’s in their advantage to help you do well.
Do they use Line or Discord? It’s easier away from the main game.


Thank you for the very sound direction Annieb! The alliance doesn’t use discord or any other 3rd party communication to my knowledge as they don’t need to, considering many of them are RL friends in Boston. But they school me when I need it.

Sounds like I’m half way there with your recommendation as I’m almost done with Grimm and partially on the others.

Thank you again!

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