Assertion opinions?

So … got an unexpected set of purple tabards –

Already Assended Kage, so he gets a partner

Panther, Hel or Dup Kage (I love me some very fast ninja)

Leaning towards panther - for titans, dispell and general goodness

Second question – assume you have two heros - your favorites, either drops right into your deck.

One is 2.60, other is 3.70

You have 5 x 4* and 4 x 3*

Do you pick one and push to 4.80 - leaving the 2.60 as essentially unusable


Both to a usable 3.70 while you wait for 4 more 3* mats?

(It’s the element I’d sub the second purple in for, except on defense)

What an embarrassment of riches you have in purple

Of these, I think Hel is your best option. She is just so awesome. But if you want to bust titans, then panther is maybe better there (not many other places, but probably better on titans)


As far as the other question, I always prefer to get 5s up to 4th chevron as quick as possible. I don’t store my materials, I just use them. Comes with regrets at times, but I’m always moving forward. Most 5 stars aren’t that handy at 3/70 (exceptions for Evelyn and Frida, with specials maxed).

But really it’s up to you. If you are talking about heroes that you can’t lose with (like the three purples you listed) than do it. If you’re doubtful take both to 70 and see who floats your boat


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