Asscenion help

I have acquired a strong shield that I needed to ascend either Melendor or Kashherk. I use both equally. Kashhrek is strong from what I have seen on the player guides. I have Rigard as my other healer, also.
Any suggestion would be appreciated !!!

Kashrek is pretty much the best 4* team tank.

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Kashrek is tank hero for defence team and that place he is very good as being 4* hero. But in long run he isn’t much useful. Melendor id better in attacking teams, titan and event. I still use Melendor, but Kashhrek not so much not even in wars.

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I’d ascend Melendor as he heals everyone and has high attack stats. Kashhrek is an excellent mid level tank, so leveling him makes sense only if you need to improve your raid defense team.

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Kashrek. Melandor can wait

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Thank you for your input. I have ascended Kashherk.

To be honest, Melandor is the weakest of the healers. He dies fast even when fully leveled. Kiril and Boldtusk are much better. Rigard is the best.


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