Asking for information about the start of E&p

A friend recently was told that in the first few weeks to months (feb 2017-may 2017) of the game starting you only needed 1 4* ascension item to bring a legendary to final tier. Meaning 1 telescope to ascend magni for example. Is this true?

Also he was told that the original players started out with multiple team slots, wondering also if this is true?

Thank you!

No you need 6 x 4* materials. You only need 1 Damascus Blade and 1 Tome of Tactics though.

I think you start out with 5 team slots but I am not sure.

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I’m not referring to the game currently but rather when it was first created back in February of 2017. Just a trivial question. Thank you though

Oh right, my bad. Let’s wait to see what the others say

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It’s okay I edited the post to include the dates now. I found a post where someone mentioned something similar but it’s very vague. Hopefully a long time veteran will chime or maybe @Petri or another staff member


I play since 2017 as well. When I remeber right, u got at the very first beginning only 3 slot. The others were added later.

As I needed quite long to get my first 5 star I have no idea if the AM you need were less than today.


I think whomever told your friend this, is full of …, but let’s ask for some more qualified opinions!

@Kerridoc, @Garanwyn, @zephyr1


Looks like it required more matsimage


I’ve never heard of a time when fewer rare mats were needed than today. I’ve only been playing since July 2017, though friends who predate that haven’t mentioned any change in mat requirements.

There are persistent rumors that drops were better, esp. from elemental chests. More drops = easier ascensions, if true.

Perhaps there was a time in beta where they tweaked the rare mat requirement to allow testing? But beta doesn’t spill over to production (unlike some games, where people were allowed to keep their pre-release beta progress when the game opened).


Do you know the date of the screen shot? Production or beta?

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4 darts and 2 telescopes - still 6 4* mats…


Not sure. I’ve had this picture saved for a while now. If it’s from beta it’s before my time there. I think I know where it’s from, I’ll do some digging and see if I can find it. I also have a vague memory about another one that lists 2 mats for ascension but not 100% sure about this.

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I did just find this post, the picture Does not show fewer mats but LYRIA(the person posting) claims that ascending required fewer mats.

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1.3 build notes (May/2017) include mention of:

  • Unified the amount of items required for ascending different heroes

(Seems like these are not available here as this is before the launch of our Community Forums, before that we used to send build notes only via in-game message).


I wasn’t here then (only since Aug '18), but read lots of posts from those who were. My recollection is that except for the game revisions, AM requirements were similar to now.

I also remember mentions that loot was much more generous at the start, and there was a screenshot of an early offered deal that was just too good to be true - for $20 it was buckets of gems and AMs. This was back when SG was still balancing the goals and rewards, I believe.

Many of the longer-term players remembered it, and all agreed that loot was nerfed without such deals afterward.

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Found a few gems in my library
The screenshots are from this YouTube video dated August 28th 2016.
image image image image
Early summon token
Early items. I got these dated in my library as May 10th 2017



Wow really cool thanks!!!

Funny how early versions of the game had the number of monster waves to come, and now it’s something we’d like to have :stuck_out_tongue:


Notice no boss monster and Commander Grey.

I believe these are from the tutorial.

Telescope for holy hero?? Wow! This must be long, long ago…

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