Asking for advice for leveling new style :D

I now have 6 fully ascended:

  • Magni blue fighter
  • GM red barbarian
  • Delilah yellow fighter
  • Sartana dark wizzard
  • Panther dark fighter and
  • Zeline green wizzard.

I have 7 not fully but tier 4…

  • Arthur blue Paladin
  • Marjana Red Rogue
  • Zimkitha Red Druid
  • Rana yellow Monk
  • Joon Yellow Monk
  • Lianne green Ranger and
  • Evelyne green Ranger

I now have rings for red, capes for dark and telescopes for blue.

I have following blue:

  • Misandra blue fighter
  • Alasie blue Ranger
  • Aegir blue Paladin

These i considered and was advised to go for Misandra… does this change anything? (and i do have Richard, Thorne and Master lepus, but i don’t think they’ll be leading after update)

I have following Red:
Spare GM
Spare Marjana
Elena, red fighter
father christmas, red Monk
captain Kestrel, red barbarian
Azlar, red barbarian.
Khargan red Ranger

I normally would have gone for Elena. Good or bad?


  • quintus dark sorcerer (normally a no go)
  • Aeron dark Monk
  • Khiona dark Rogue
  • Mok arr and obakan dark barbarian
  • Domitia dark rogue.

Normally i would do aeron or Khiona. I’m adviced to do Khiona. Does this change now?

Lol. I hope someone reacts :smiley:

PS. I’ve got maxed out 4* in all the classes that weren’t mentioned here :smiley: So i assume i won’t have to max a weak 5* to have fi a clerick as i already have Hansel and Rigard maxed out :smiley:

As someone who has none of these heroes, take what I say with a huge mound of salt… I don’t have hands on experience…

I should expect that Alasie would be a better choice for Ice.

Azlar or Santa would rock that Fire crew, too… though… since Monk is assuredly going to go to Joon ASAP, I would opt for Azlar, I think. Even if he IS second in line to Gravytrain.

I think Alasie is strictly better than Misandra. Given that your roster is already Fighter-heavy, I definitely give the nod to Alasie. (Note: Ariel should be coming next month, blue 5* healer from Atlantis family.)

Purples are tough. You don’t have any 5* healers, so I’d lean towards Aeron, but note that his Monk Resist ability partly overlaps his special. (Note: Dark Kunchen, next month’s HoTM, is a healer.) Among the others, I like Khiona best, and her Rogue Dodge will help her.

You’re correct t note that Quintus is your only sorcerer, and his Delay Talent is very nice. Not sure that it makes up for his slowness, but it certainly helps. I don’t have a Quintus so I haven’t given him much thought.


It’s difficult to make recommendations if your in-game goals aren’t defined, but assuming you want balance (a team that can do raids/wars and titans with no strong preference for either):

I’d level Aeron.

Khiona is a stronger titan purple hero, but Aeron gives you a tanky purple hero. i have a lot of success with panther/aeron/sartana as a raid team. The reason I chose aeron over hel or khiona for my main team is that if I get my purples charged up in the beginning, it doesn’t matter who I brought- I won the match. Aeron lets me recover from the inevitable zeline and gravemaker specials that are sending my heroes closer to death/uselessness.

This hero would be great for raids/wars and for titans, it’s nice to have a healer to save battle item use.

Furthermore, Aeron is a monk. So this way you can have some class diversity.

As for blue and red? Finish Arthur, Marjana and Zimkitha. Buy yourself some time before you have to make a decision. Today I’m going to say Alasie and GM #2 (or elena for titan tile damage), but things might be different in two months when people get a better chance at seeing the class system.

I have and love misandra. She’s great…when her special fires multiple times. Alasie is more dependable. But I don’t know which would be better with the coming changes. I vote patience. Wait until you absolutely need to start ascending 5*, because unlike emblems, there are no refunds on farsight telescopes.

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