Ask : Which is better 3* ice heroes

Any suggestion : which is better 3* ice heroes :slight_smile:
Greymane vs Gunnar vs Valen

In my opinion you can’t just pick one of these and declare it simply “better” - they have different specials, Gunnar is entirely defensive, while Valen is offensive. Greymane is mostly offensive as well though he has a small defensive element where he heals himself some based on damage dealt.

Out of these 3, Greymane doesn’t excite me too much. I’ve pulled multiple Greymane’s and never leveled one up. But I’ve got both a maxed Valen and a Gunnar on my roster.

Valen is an excellent fast striker, deals quite a punch and takes away 34% defense from the enemy he hits (at max).

Gunnar is one of 2 heroes that have the Spirit Link special skill (the other being yellow 3* Kailani), which gives all your heores a big defense boost (63% at max), and causes damage to any hero to be spread out among all heroes. This combination really makes for quite a strong defensive skill - there aren’t any 4* or 5* heroes that have this.

Which one is better for you depends on what other heroes you already have, and what your priorities are. Not knowing anything else at all, I might give a slight nod to Valen as he will be slightly more universally useful - Gunnar won’t accomplish a lot against Titans for example. But if you have need for defense… Gunnar all the way.


Gunnar (a blue Kailani, basically) when maxed is great for defense team at lower levels (when you don’t have any strong 4* yet). Putting him in the back so he is protected from most of tile damage can work wonders.

Valen is my choice for Rare stage for Challenge Events. Gunnar (or Kailani) can work too but since they’re slow mana (or really slow?) they can take a lot of damage before they fire their special so either don’t use them or keep an eye on them & heal with potions if necessary.

Greymane is interesting but I find him a little too squishy (is that what the forum slang for ‘dying too quickly’? :smiley: ).

IMO Valen is most universal. Rating 3* depends on how strong your team is. If you only have 3* available in your roster, basically everyone is good for something. As soon as you move up and start building up your 4*/5* teams, you leave 3* behind and use them only for Challenge Events or AW. There are a few universally good 3* that are usefull to leave with you even if you have a 5* maxed team.


I’d agree with much of the above.

One caveat would be to consider Gunnar as a second line on raid defence so he charges quicker.

I find that a when at the back, the spirit link characters are often the only ones left by the time they charge, in which case the special is useless.

As for valen - defence Debuff is considered one of the primary specials against Titans. He’d be good for maybe 4* titan and under, unless you pump him full of health potion and turtle banners.


Valen is best Valen is life. I’ve used him even against 10*. Atm going against 7* and he can take one hit. He is on my titan team for every titan :stuck_out_tongue: (maybe someday I can get a ramming pulverizer)

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Thanks alot , very helpfull.

If you don’t have survivability problems then:
Valen > Graymane > Gunnar

If you have troubles keeping alive heroes then:
Gunnar > Graymane > Valen

If you use Friar Tuck as only healer then:
Graymane > Gunnar > Valen


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