Ask Me Anything with Small Giant's Lead Designer - a write up by Coppersky- Nov 2017


I love this game… except that I am color blind. I am unable to see any difference between purple/blue and red/green so I cannot correctly target the correct color heroes on screen. If they can have the little symbols (that are on the tiles too) next to them (and not only the aura on the ground where they stand), I would be able to know what they are. Please consider adding this as 10% of the population has similar problems to me.

Thank you!


@Rook this should probably be split out to it’s own thread.

Other similar games had solved it by having a colorblind option that changed the colors around somewhat to make them more distinguishable. Would that be something useful here?


The gems have already different shapes and also different signs on them. So it seems the devs already took colour blindness into account.

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That’s what I use to match tiles, but the color of the ring underneath enemies can be tough to discern. Especially blue vs. purple.

It’s not so bad in raids since I know most the heroes and I can take my time anyway, and of course make sure I know what color Titan I’m fighting. But the events, which are time based, can be an issue.


The request is in the right place (requested changes in addition to the Shortlist).

I believe this idea has been requested before. I’d love to see it addressed in a Shortlist update. :slight_smile:


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Though this post was last year it is still relevant. Good Stuff :sunglasses:!

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I have not seen the post on this subject however, having played several other games with trade options it is a positive. Some have constructed markets and others allow for a bartering system player to player. Either way in my opinion ( though a newbie with this game) it has more pro’s than con’s. Additionally I have been unable to find any discussion about the amount of time it takes to create a hero after leveling up your facility; experience points; as well as your stronghold. One would think that there would be some type of decrease. It seems to be a little unbalanced. If there is an understandable explanation it would be great if it was disseminated.

There are several extended discussions in other threads about trading between players, trading through an exchange, or a new alchemy building that could convert items. Please use the Search function to scale for these and add your thoughts in the best thread.

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For those who wasn’t there the previous time that Small Giant do an AMA (as @Kerridoc’s thread), here is a reminder on their previous answers.

Sometimes you have to watch in the past to learn for the future.

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Thread for the next AMA was closed for some reason 2 days ago.

As i said in the note, I closed it because we had received all the questions we could work with and were finalizing the discussion.

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Has the grilling, uh I mean AMA yet begun?

All done, working on a write-up.


Wasnt this supposed to show up " early march " :wink: ?

Almost done; transcript and discussion threads will be posted in the next couple of hours.


Will the article be also shown as a banner like the “New Year 2019 Sneak Peek!”?


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I think this game and all of us talking about it , is the start of it… Trading , will in my opinion will be in the future… this game and all of us started it… Digital cards being traded… Think of the possibilities… it’s like magic the gathering in digital form… people will not be holding onto boxes of cards anymore… digital trading cards… not just the game, but everything else too… baseball cards, football cards, and all other sports cards. In the future I believe it will be digital… I think this is the start of something special… so when it does happen don’t say I didn’t say so… I think it will happen and when it does, in my opinion all the first 10 heroes of the month will be like babe Ruth baseball cards… what are your thoughts

I just wish I could get rid of all my duplicate troops? I think that’s what they are. I just have so many of the same ones and it really bugs me.

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