Ask Me Anything with Small Giant's Lead Designer - a write up by Coppersky- Nov 2017 - "Ask Me Anything" AMA transcript

Fantastic. But I need something cleared up. Do we get XP for Titan battles?

No XP for titan battles. Only recent change for XP gain is we now receive it for doing the monthly events.

Oh how I wish we did! And XP for raids too! Oh how sad that our toughest battles give no XP :frowning:


Wait, what?? There’s no experience earned in raids?? But that’s where the player has to be the MOST strategic, examine the opponent, select and assemble a decent attacking team, and then calculate each move based on positions of stones, possible chain reactions, monitoring the enemy’s Mana, and plotting future moves. All without the aid of resources.
How does that not warrant an EXP reward? That’s hard work!


No I don’t believe we do. We only get it for monster battles in the story campaign map.

Raids don’t give XP. Map stages, quests, and the challenge events after the first one (and hereon out I’m assuming) get XP.

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I just read the 1.9 release info. Is there a calendar posted for the game that we have access to and if so where is it?


I’m not aware of a Calendar per se. I just check News & Updates for information on upcoming events or new updates to the game.

There will be a Winter Calendar, starting on the December 1st. :wink:

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An Adent Calendar! :grinning:

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Or even advent :joy::nerd_face::wink:

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Petri, can you confirm or deny there will be a Challenge event in December (i.e. guardians)?


^ Retweet. I’ve just put this thread on tracking mode for myself solely for that question.


Yes, there’s going to be Challenge Event in December as well, this time Guardians of Teltoc back in rotation.


awesome. thanks for the confirmation.


I have a problem with raids since the recent update in raids. I have over 3400 hero power and I am getting beat by everyone, even powers as low as 2800…why…what has changed??


I don’t share your pain. My 3600 team cam reliable beat teams below 3450 and often beats teams better than that.

I can’t even beat a three * team lately. Just a run of bad decisions on my part and rotten tiles.

Rotten tiles are the worst! Take a deep breath, shake your fist at the RNG gods and try again later. :wink:

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