Ask : Lixiu vs Hutao

Ask : which is better to ascend first :
Lixiu or Hutao and which is better. Thx alot

Do you have any other options?

Out of those 2 for sure Li.

She is a pain with her mana control. She doesn’t hit hard so would need to be paired with a couple hitters and healer or 2.

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There is nothing about either to make me smile unless I see them in a defense team.

Save the mats and hope.

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I agree, neither should go beyond 60 but if he doesn’t have anything else now I would take her as I believe she is more usable early on.

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Li at ^60 is queen of my farming team. No other purpose


agreed, mine isn’t even that far. I am speaking more for beginners. To be honest I see her very often in Platinum defenses. But she will never make it for me with Joon.

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