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I just made a 10 pull and got 3 new 4* S3 heros. Now I need some advice on how to set my new team composition, since I’m a beginner with limited resources I can only focus on one team. please see the current team in attached capture.
Thank you.

Hello and welcome :grinning:

I would focus to build 2x 3* heroes, then move to 4*.
Red: Finish Azar, Ei-Dunn, Jahangir
Blue: No 3* blue option here, so Boril
Green: Carver is not great, Caedmon, Brynhild. (switch if you get Belith or other good 3* green)
Yellow: Kvasir, Mist, 2nd Bane, Gan Ju
Purple: Prisca and Renfeld is not so great, Bjorn, Sabina, Merlin.

Consider 3* worth to keep:

Red: Rudolph, Squire Wabbit, Namahage, Bauchan, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar, Jahangir
Blue: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Vodnik, Gunnar
Green: Muggy, Belith, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus, Hisan, Shrubbear
Yellow: Bane, Melia, Pixie, Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman
Purple: Balthazar, Gill-Ra, Chochin, Tyrum, Bat, Oberon
Plus All S3 *3 heroes.

Sabina - Bane - Bauchan - Boril - Caedmon


What @jinbatsu said!

But might I add that IF you can pick up a Nordri (blue 3*), he should get high priority.

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Thanks. So skittlescuff and stonecleave is not good?

Skittle is too weak and Stonecleave can be useful, but is very situational. There’s definitely better purple and green 4* that you want to save your mats for.


Got it. So I understand my current defense team will be as jinbatsu said: Sabina - Bane - Bauchan - Boril - Caedmon. Then what could be the best attacking and defense team that I should work on?

I’d work on a little bit of each, some healers, some attackers (both snipers and AoE). I don’t really have time to get into that now, but I’ll see if I can make some time later.


Some good advice above.

Only thing I would add onto this discussion is my general cross-post hero levelling advice!

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Hold on to skittles for the time being as is a sorcerer who attacks, down the road it will help you to complete trails.

thx, do you mean I should keep level up and ascend skittleskull? For the moment skittleskull is 1/40, caedmon is 1/36, brynhild 1/1. I know finally I can Level up them all but I need advice on which one first because the limited material at this stage. It seems most of people in this forum consider caedmon much better than skittleskull. I already have Sabina in the team so I do prefer skittleskull than caedmon, since the talent of caedmon is the same with Sabina.

Do ceadom first he will be used a lot more down the road dispelling is very handy.
Keep ahold of skittles for the time being can be maxed later.

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