Ask about Titan battle and ascention item


I defeated 16 Titans with A rank, but never get any 3* or 4* ascention item.
I want to know the condition to get 3* and 4* ascention item.
Defeated more Titan with A rank is the way, or I have to get A+ only?


It is very random. There is no sure way.

Some people say there is a loot tier you need to be at.

I always finish A or above on 6* and 7* unless I am super busy and don’t get enough hits in.

Normally I get nothing but once in a blue moon i see something good. My titan chests have been garbage too.


higher grades/loot tiers give you better chances at ascension items. There are no guarantees. Keep plugging away. They will come.


Anecdotally I would say our “B” Rank players get more ascension items than our A or A+. That said, I was A last week on a rare Unicorn (8*) and I got a LOADED loot drop. Mystic Rings, telescope, and trap tools. Meanwhile our teammate that was A+ (and 200k higher damage than me) got only farmables.

Edit: I suppose it’s worth stating that we have a lot more “B-rank” players on each titan than A rank as well, so it may simply be a numbers game.


Because there are more of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed. :slight_smile:


Higher loot tier gives more roles on ascension items

Higher titans and higher scores give better loot tier.


Forget about the ratings, what loot tier are you getting?


I believe the breaks are loot tier 2 (two rolls) and 9 (three rolls). If you are at 9 and killed 16 without a single ascension item (remember these can be farmables like boots) then that is really bad luck. If you didn’t get a single non-farmable then that is bad luck, but not really bad luck.


You’re right. And a 4th ascension mat roll appears at tier XIV. My understanding, too, is that the % chance for any given mat roll to be an unfarmable one increases with each loot tier. (Probably from something like 10% at tier IX, to something like 15% at tier XIII.) I’ve been collecting titan loot data for a few months now, and have gotten unfarmable ascension items about 1/3rd of the time, mostly in loot tiers IX - XI.


I’m regularly A+ and get garbage consistently.


A+ on a 3* is much different than A+ on a 12*.


This thread explains it all:

Get higher grades on bigger titans, get better loot—on average over time. Work to get Loot Tier IX or better.


6-8* titans. I can take garbage some of the time, but all of the time gets annoying.


That’s just the last 2 weeks. I feel really terrible looking at my scores on those Titans, I’ve been working a whole lot the last two weeks. Today was the 10th straight day.




I know it is really random to get “good” items. I have got accession materials from 1 n 2 star titans b4. Today I killed my first 3* and got this. Our alliance is very new, so can not wait to get to higher titans.