Ask about purchases with a card from another country

Good morning;
I am from Argentina and in order to pay the VIP at the value that appears in the store, you have to add the 65% that my country charges as taxes on purchases with foreign currency. I need to know if I violate any rules of the game if an aunt who lives in Chile enters my account in her country and she pays the VIP… ??

Unfortunately I think there’s a little more to it than just logging in in a different country.

The payment system is linked to your Google / apple store stuff. This includes the quantities and currencies.

So in order to change the currency in game, you have to change all the location data stuff in your Google / apple account. This includes (usually) registering a local phone number for verification and a limit of doing it only once per 12 months…

This one is tricky.

Mobile games do not want you to do this and they can discipline you if they think you are trying to violate the Terms Of Service.

So personally, I would not do this.

However, mobile games want your holiday gift money, so there are several ways your aunt can give you a gift. None of which I will detail on this forum since they can be abused.

It can be done, I assure you. But mums the word, I dont want to get b.a.n.n.e.d.

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