Asgard’s Krieger - nearly top 100 alliance

We are a dedicated alliance of daily players who slay 8* and most 9* titans. We’re getting stronger. Soon it will be 9* and 10*, hopefully with the help of an enthusiastic new member.

Chat is friendly and supportive, and usually based around game strategy.

We don’t have a lot of turnover. Many members join, stay, and grow their teams. Rarely does anyone get kicked, exceptions are for those who disappear without notice.

Currently require 1200 cups to join, but that’s negotiable. Having a team strength of 2500-3000 is closer to what would actually be needed to take on the higher level Titans we fight.

Hope to hear from you soon!

I am interested. my team power is around 3100 and around 1200 (mostly for farming purpose). How should I join?

Thanks for your interest. We are now full. Please keep an eye out for future vacancies. Best of luck to you and your E&P teams.

If you’re looking for a forever home and like taking down 8,9, and soon 10* titans, look no further than Asgard’s Krieger! We are an active bunch of everyday players. Chat is supportive and friendly. We’re currently undefeated in a.w. (If that’s important to you). 1 spot available due to a member leaving us soon. 1600 cup min. Come check us out!

The member who is leaving has promised to stick around until his spot is filled. If you would like to join send me a message here and we can work out the details.

Thanks for your interest!