Ascention Packs in the shop

You know guys, I’m getting sick and tired of being ripped off over and over and over with the “get at least 2 of these things” ascention packs. I’m serious. If you’re new here, don’t buy these, I’ve spent a couple thousand on this thing and I bet I haven’t gotten more than eight or ten 3* materials. Whats that… like $200 bucks for a warm cape?

SG…I suppose you’re going to tell me that they are just like the boards…totally random?. HAHA. Everyone … Statistics degree here… you can call an event “random” …say… how many of each color populate the board and still have 100’s of algorithms guiding the behavior of the parts. Gems in this case. Your insistence that the boards are random can be true, to the letter, depending on your instructions in your game. But, its a little dishonest at the same time without full disclosure.

If you’re new to the game, stay away from these you’ll get robbed every time. You’ll see them under the feature tab. If you or your parents are wealthy, then go for it. It will show some crafting junk and some ascention junk you’ll never need, like tall boots or wooden shield. Some that you get everywhere and you already have 5,000 rugged clothes, but then they wave the telescope or darts and maybe an orb and a warm cape in your face… The next thing you know you’ve spent $60 in gems, you know you didn’t get any of the 3 or 4 items you need, but at least you got 10 or 12 knife sharpeners and some meteorites, which, by the way, I’m in like level 45 and don’t have any idea what the meteorits are for.



I completely agree with you, don’t buy these. None of the regular offers in the shop is worth it. This isn’t any better - the only difference is you ‘may’ get something of value.

But the odds are disclosed and they are terrible. It’s basically a half chance of getting legendary hero from most of the summon sources. And it costs twice as much.

Better spend your gems on summons if you feel lucky. And accept to wait few weeks more to ascend them.

Totally agree that given the odds of getting something good they are not worth the money being asked - I never buy these type of offers

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