Ascention items later stages true?

Here on the empires & Puzzles support page it says you can get 3* and 4* ascention material from loot in later provinces.
Is that true @Petri?
Wondering if anyne ever got a compass, cape, orb, tabards, rings, tomes or damascus blades from the advanced provinces?
I thought it was only from mission chests, titan and mystic vision.
Now i understand alliance wars as well.
But i will start grinding later provinces if this is true! Thanks in advance.

Not true. The only “stages” you could get them are from Rare Quests. Not the regular provinces.
It says here 3* and 4* ascention items though
Then i think it should be corrected on the website. Because the way it is put it says it is possible. What do u think? Take a look at the link.

SG’s definition of “rare” is 3* or above.

Some of these are farmable (Chainmail, Battle Manual, etc) and are indeed in the later provinces (12 and up, with bonus stages in various high level provinces like Chainmail in 16 and 20); but the ones we mostly care about (i.e. Sturdy Shields or Tonics) are not farmable from the map at all.


Alright! I thought so but reading that made me think twice! Thanks!