Ascent Spaces- 5* 4.80 in one day ?! How?

Today I come to ask a question,
about 8 months ago I play and invest money in this game, but every day I’m more defunct with today and today I came across 10am in the morning 1 player with the hero of the month at the maximum level … I liked that SG get me explain this, because I have already spent about € 5,000 in this time, and I do not have hidden sheets to ascend to MARJANA. so I believe that they must develop a new map and in it come loads of promotion for new players to be motivated …

I appreciate your opinions in this regard. Thank you.

Now tell me 1 hero costs 5.5k meat 10 heroes are 55k, on average there are 18 heroes per level, this is 1 * … I do not know where the food goes;)

You’ve spent 5000 euros ~$5,827.82 on this game?? Seriously?

Is that a typo?

No, it’s not a mistake, it’s reality. that’s why I get decapitated when I see June 1st at 10am in the morning 1 heroes of the month at the most … can say what they want, but nobody spends so much money and even joining as says a sr back … is a lie … does not, and neither does nor ZERO Player Number 1 get it and demonstrated it in a movie. SGs help some players, and others are harmed. is not fair…
Believe me …

So these folks have already been playing a while and had the ascension materials to ascend gravemaker and they’ve been banking feeder heroes in their training camps.


People who ascend a 5* hero in a day have been playing a long while. They’ve had time to accumulate ascension materials and construct and level the stronghold buildings they need to store food for levelling and ascensions.

I could actually do something like that with a blue or purple hero since I have the 4* materials currently - but there’s a price that I don’t want to pay, that people who just see a suddenly leveled hero are missing.

For a month or more, I would not be able to level other heroes or troops. At all. It would require me saving everything I could in storage, for later.

I’m still hero building in multiple colors. A month of no other improvement to my team is a higher price than I want to pay for just one hero quickly.


I was watching different videos, such as ZERO # 1 of the top and could not ascend aeron … ran out of food … so I continue to say that there are previlegios in the items … I take 8 months and until today I only had 14 sheets hidden, the warehouses do not arrive for food. be accountable

You can pull recruits AND food out from training camps as well. That’s how it’s done, not just stocking up on feeder heroes, but pulling food out from tc13 or 20, things like that.

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I really see many theories, but none convince me. because I have ct20, 13 13 11 and not much less in 10h upload a hero of the month …, many videos to show this theory, but did not see reaching level 80, reached the 31st of the third ascension … maximum ability that yes I do it with ct19.

Time to accumulate resources. And knowing to do so. That’s what’s the key.

Use TC20 for food storage. Keep on queuing the training to ridiculous numbers, then dequeue and put the recruits into TC11 to get a huge profit on food.

That someone who hasn’t built up the required reserves can’t do something ingame is not an indicator of foul play when someone else can do it.

I could set up a one day levelling, without cheating, in the two colors I have the materials for. But the price to the rest of my game progress is too high to be worth it to me.


ok, well the great thing is, no one needs to convince you. The devs know how it’s done legitimately (i.e. not cheating), so that’s really all that matters.

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not only do I have to be invited, but a large majority of players.
Well, I see a lot of complaints on the subject matter to raise heroes.
And I see other players doing miracles.

It’s only a miracle when you don’t know how it’s done. You literally have a video SHOWING YOU HOW TO DO IT. the only reason he stops at tier 3 is because he didn’t have the 6th telescope. All it is is saving up a bit more food.

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yes of course you have the video, and of course it shows how to do it, so I see that only some know the heroes in advance, because if they are soothsayers should play in Euro-million.
And I do not think there’s a player who only plays for 1 hero.
As the video shows.
Zero also shows the video to raise the air and shows how it was without food … but ok, I continue and I will continue with my opinion and I am not the only one among millions of players …

We’ve known from reports by beta players for the last couple of months that the June HotM would probably be Gravemaker, just as we knew that the previous one would be Alasie, and the next one is probably going to be Gregorian, a green. After that will probably be a yellow, though I haven’t seen his name in the English alphabet yet. There is a pattern of releases by color, with just one exception so far, so knowing what heroes are being tested means making a prediction about what is next fairly simple.
That you haven’t seen the discussions in the forums here where that information is available in advance doesn’t mean it’s not available for those who look for it.


Yes, and in 1 month it prepares everything for this hero, since the climbing matters are so rare that they hardly exist … as long as there are millions of people to invest, there will be no change and there will be no competition in the game, the top players will be always the same …

@vulcao, you have two choices:

  1. You can continue to deny that this is possible, cover your eyes and ears and stick your head in the sand.


  1. You can learn more about the game from those same 1% players and understand how they get to where they are and how you can do the same.

These forums are a good start, but there are litterally hundreds of videos on youtube explaining different aspects of the game. Anchor from the Seven Days Departed alliance does live broadcasts now and then where you could actually ask questions in real time. The website itself has a ton of great information on it. Try a new alliance if you’re not getting the support you need from your current one. If you’re not in an alliance, join one!

Be open minded. Learn. Improve. Don’t say it can’t be done.


vulcao, I am not in 7dd, nor am I one of the old timers with a garage full of ascension material, but I do know what was done can be done legitimately.

It takes luck and money to land the HoTM, but, again, it can be done. I can hate that it is not me because my luck sucks, but I will continue to try.

Truly, hope your luck improved.


You have been answered. 5 times.

This effect can be done legitimately. Has been done before (see links given), and will be done again in the future by any player who values instantaneous growth of one 5* over a month of spread out growth to multiple heroes. If “super-leveling” is not your style (it’s not mine), that’s fine! But others are permitted to pursue it. :wink:


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