Ascension: Too many choices not enough mats. Advice needed

I finally have enough mats to ascend two heroes. Problem is that at the moment I may be too heavy on Monks and a little light on emblems. So here’s who I have:

Neith: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1
Leonidas: 2/60 can ascend to 3/1
Joon: 2/60 can ascend to 3/1
Judgment: 2/60 can ascend to 3/1
Chao: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1
Hu Tao: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1

(And Li Xiu is fully ascended as is Wu Kong) and I just pulled Li Xiu’s costume.

Kalile: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1
Colen: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1
Scarlett: 3/60 can ascend to 4/1

I can ascend only one from each group. I have a ton of Rogue emblems so that might be the way to go in the 2nd group.

But I have Marjana at 4/56 (Rogue)
I also have Sartana at 4/18 (Wizard) and Grimm at 4/67 (Barbarian).

All the others can wait for either more mats or more emblems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My vote goes to these two heroes.

Joon is one of the best classic heroes in the game. Only problem he has is being squishy but that aside he’s fantastic; solid attack stat, high damage output with his skill, cripples anything with miss chance that survives.

Scarlett is a great 4* hero. She’s also very squishy, but her attack stat is great, and her fast attack debuff is an amazing help in fighting heroes that increase attack of their allies (like Black Knight for e.g.)

  • Highest attack stat out of all red 4* heroes
  • 2nd highest attack stat out of all 4* heroes (Ameonna with the highest)
  • 4th highest out of all red heroes, including 5*s (Elena, Azlar and G. Kong having higher attack)

I still bring my Scarlett to green titans, and emblemed her on the attack path. Here are her stats at +20:


You’re right @DaveCozy, she hits like a truck but defence is soft-ish.

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Forget to ascend any hero for the moment. Just finish what you ve started first.

When this first task is completed you can progress with Joon and scarlett as statued above. But finish your current project first.

Always go to the end of a project.

Thanks for the advice @Ziel05. Shelving Joon until Sartana and Marjana are maxed. Did ascend Scarlett though. I needed a red striker. BT is my go-to red.

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