Ascension, short term and long term defence

Looking for help on what long term defence I should work towards and who you would spend those hard to find ascension items on. Want to know what defence you would set now and what 5* rainbow defence I should work towards. I can ascend one at the moment - but a compass will be 2.

Nice heroes you have. With those heroes I would set a lethal defense. Joon, Kage, Guin, Sartana and Liana. Always combinations between yellow and purple in defense are the most difficult to penetrate.

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Short term, what would you put as 4* defence? I thought Guin would be my long term tank (working on her as a priority but I only use 2* holy feeders for efficiency and the odd off colour trainer hero)
Thx for the help

I tell you what defense I had for a long time, before ascending legendaries. A successful defense in platinum. Actually such defense will bring you more trophies than you need :rofl:

Triton, Caedmon, Bold, Merlin, Chao.

P.S. I don’t have Jackal and you could use him instead Chao, since is very fast.

And Bold should receive emblems ASAP, only the def/HP path.

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So you would recommend ascending Merlin next? Guin will take a while to level anyway so hope to have the compass needed for her

No, no, no… I didn’t know you lack AM… Use Gafar instead, I see is A4. He is a very good purple in defense. Besides is fast.

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