Ascension Rings


It’s now August. I’ve been waiting since March to acquire Rings for Marjana. I’ve acquired 1/6. I’ve emailed many times on this issue. There recently was a umber quest (Fire) and there were no rings to be had there either. I’ve gotten A-A+ on Titans, filled chests, gotten special quest chests, and still no rings. Are there ever going to be rings available?


Same as all ascension items. Lottey odds.
I have 3 waiting in 3 more


All 4* ascension items are super rare. If they dropped every titan kill, hundreds of players would already have full 5x80 teams. I share your frustration, but kinda glad there is still something to achieve.


I’m aware of how Rare they are. I’ve been playing this game long enough to know. You must of missed it where I said I’ve been looking for them Since March. I think 5 months and no rings is a little ridiculous. Considering the 1 ring I do have I got before I even needed it.


Yeah it sucks. Have you got more of the other 4* items then? What level titans do you kill? A or A+ alone doesn’t mean anything, loot also depends on the titan level. So titan stars + score = loot tier and that determines the damage. A+ is 3 levels, A is 2 levels and so on…

So killing a 5* with A+ gives loot tier of 8.


We are killing 7* Titans. I’ve got my other heros maxed, it’s just Marjana
I can’t move forward.
I don’t buy gems so I’m not doing any summons, so I play with what I’ve
got. I’ve finished the map & that was nothing big woop dee do, no prize for
completion nothing.

When you’ve played this long and can’t move forward it gets frustrating. I
known about the Tiers on Titan loot. I’ve maxed a 5* Justice no issues. So
why is maxing a 5* Marjana any different.


We get loot at different grades in our alliance (killing 6/7*); sometimes A+ gets a goodie (rarely!), sometimes A, more often B, and once in a while C. NOTE: THIS IS ACTUALLY RANDOM. But if you aren’t seeing any results for months at A+, try dropping a grade and see if that changes, since there are more chances on the lower grades (arguably for lower loot, though we see 4* ascension items in Grade B).

EDIT: From this morning’s 7* Titan. Apparently you can get both 4 and 5* ascension items from grade C!

Did not know the 5* ascension item was possible from the lower grade at our 7* Titan level. Good to know!


You’re not getting 4* and 5* ascension items from grade C, you’re getting them from loot tier VII. That’s the important bit. So the question is, how is loot tier determined? It feels like there’s a fair amount of randomness in that. I occasionally see loot tier VII in my alliance and we do mostly 3* and 4* titans. Add in the randomness within a loot tier and you have the frustration.


This is already being addressed to an extent.


Loot tiers are calculated as follows:
A+: Titan stars + 3
A: Titan stars + 2
B: Titan stars + 1
C: Titan stars.

So the only chance you see loot tier VII for 3* and 4* is for A+ on 4*s


It’s now Aug 21. Still no Rings. And there have been many " Rare Quests"
pop up this week. None of them had Rings.

I understand the Tiers, the stars of Titans ect. However, after waiting
since March, you’d think some would pop up…

I’m just getting tired of this game not going anywhere.


Thanks, I keep losing my loot Tier chart! :smile:

So to say it another way, Loot Tier VII (where those pesky items we all want are) can be hit by:

4* = A+
5* = A or higher
6* = B or higher
7* = C or higher

Yes? No? waits to be rapped in the mouth

P.S. Lyria, I haven’t been here as long as you, but I have NEVER gotten a single ring. They’re like fabled beasts you hear of but never see! :wink:


I’ve saving 3k gems for quite some time, finally got the Fire Ascension pack in the store, and zero rings… it would have been the last one I needed.

But alas, I got a lot of province trash instead.


I did look for an answer but couldn’t find it, thanks! We beat 4*'s regularly and an occasional 5* so that fits.


Aug.29 2018. Over a year later. Guess what? No Rings!!!


I predict that the next rare quest will have rings in it! :grinning: I agree though, those 4* mats are hard to get let alone 6 of them