Ascension rewards badly need balance

I don’t need any more mystic rings… it’s all I’ve been getting for months. Yet ZERO Damascus blades have landed in my inventory from chests or Titans for almost half a year! I can’t do a thing with ANY ascension materials without Damascus blades… You don’t even sell them for possible rolls outside your expensive calendar deals like other ascension items. I’ve played this game for almost 2 years everyday straight and have spent way too much on this ever evolving game in which you throttle down progress for high level players.Screenshot_20190117-114909_Empires There is a way to code balance into loot rewards. Fix it please.



I think this is what the alchemy lab is meant to solve, allowing turning one mat you don’t need into another you do. That should be out later this year.

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I think that it’ll be way harder than just this sadly… :frowning:

Thank you. Hopefully the alchemy lab comes soon. I have TWELVE 5* heroes sitting at 3rd teir level 70…

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Presumably it’ll have a hefty material and time cost too. But since it’s not even in beta yet, it’s hard to know what it will entail.

Whatever the costs, having some way of knowing you can get an ascension mat blocking you, even if it takes a long time, would be better than just waiting and hoping.

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Knowing SG the needed AM will require a specific item. Like if you need tabards it will require darts

I bought an ascension chest and got a magic ring but it didn’t show up in my bag. Has anyone heard about this before?

This might help:

If you still have issues, I recommend contacting Support through the game, because no one on the forum (staff included) generally addresses individual account issues.

I have 3 extra blades and need 9 Rings. Too bad we can’t trade! :wink:

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