Ascension Question


  1. I have the following 4* heroes on 3/60

Blue: Sonja, Kiril
Red: Gormek, Boldtusk
Yellow: Chao

Which one should I level up to 4/70 from the blue and red ones?

  1. additionally I have the following 4* heroes

Red: Scarlett, Kelile
Blue: Boril

Does it make sense to lvl these up or should I wait for heroes in other colors?

Thanks in advance.
Best wishes.

Wu kong and jackal are the only yellow 4* i had maxed until very recently and they always got the job done. If i had to choose a non event yellow 4* to max besides wu, it would be li xiu i believe

Next blue and reds i would max would be gormek and sonya. Then scarlett. Then you have a solid 3 red hero team vs green titans and a good dispeller for raids

Thanks. This sounds good to me. I hope to get 4* heroes in a different color…

I can ascend a red hero now. Which one should it be? Gormek or Boldtusk

Thanks guys

Boldtusk, no doubt!!