Ascension question: Kiril/Grimm/Magni/Richard

Which order to ascend the following blue heroes? Grimm 3^60; Kiril (will be 3^60 by tomorrow); Richard 3^70 and Magni 3^70. (I have included screenshots showing the mats I have, etc)

I am 1 DB away from levelling Magni or Richard (hopefully 1 DB will come fairly soon). I have enough of everything else to level Grimm and Kiril now. I was thinking perhaps of ascending Kiril now and Magni when the DB comes along. Then Grimm when more capes are available and finally Richard down the road.

I am around 3700 team power and 2300 cups. I focus on raids (offense/defense) and AW.

Additonal context:
I have a large stable of heroes including 100% of 4* and 80% of 5* respectively of the non-event/non-HOTM at various stages of advancement. Only Sartana is above 3^70 for 5*. I have many 4* at max acsension. I am missing Perseus, Thorne, Justice, Elkanen and Lianne (and several event and HOTM heroes aside from Natalya, Zeline and Delilah, as well as G. Falcon and G. Jackal).

Thank you for your input!

As soon as you get a Damascus Blade you should ascend Magni, probably maxing him out afterwards. In the meantime I would work on Kiril, though both he and Grimm are top notch.


If u want a tank do Richard

If u want a fast good hitter do magni

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I disagree strongly with @Denys—there is no case when I would ascend Richard over Magni.

Grimm and Kiril are both top-shelf heroes that have a place in the end-game meta. Do you have another Ramming Pulverizer hero (Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek) in final ascension? Do you have Boldtusk? How is your healer situation?

I use Grimm every day over some fully ascended 5*. If you don’t have another Ramming Pulverizer (or Athena),then I’d got there unless you are short on healers, in which case I’d go with Kiril.

I’d be inclined to hold 4 capes in reserve in expectation of the Damascus blade that you’ll use on Magni. A one-two shot of Grimm-Magni (in that order!) kills nearly any hero in the game.


This is my thinking as well. I will tuck away 4 capes for Magni! Thank you Wharflord!

Thank you Denys for the quick response. I am in the minority in that I have a slight preference for Richard over Magni as a tank (but that depends on a person’s definition of a tank - that was hashed out recently in another thread :wink:)

Thank you for your detailed response!!

Excellent to hear your comments strongly vouching for both Grimm and Kiril! (i.e. can’t go wrong with either!).

I have Gormek fully ascended/levelled, Tibbs no where near full ascension and Grimm at 3^60. I do have BT fully ascended/levelled. My healer situation is strong with a fully ascended/levelled Melendor and Rigard as well as a 3^70 Viv.

So I have been using Gormek and BT as the red version of Kiril/Grimm.

I am definitely going to hang onto 4 capes for Magni but am quite torn on the Grimm or Kiril decision. I realize that I will eventually ascend them both but who to ascend now? I honestly don’t know! Lol!

@Kerridoc (or anyone else who may know), when is the next guaranteed Damascus blade opportunity coming along (rare quest? event?)

Given that you have BT maxed, I’d go Grimm. BT/Grimm is a stronger pairing than Kiril/Gormek.

Rare quests drop randomly, but based on where we are on the cycle, I believe we should see a quest with a blade in April.


Thank you once again! You are an amazing asset to this forum! I certainly appreciate your continued guidance.

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My own inclination is towards Grimm too, but if you’re looking towards a focus on alliance wars as opposed to titans and standard raiding, Kiril might be a better pick. The more healers the merrier there.


Very fair point. I just can’t prioritize wars yet on teams that are not really deep.


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