Ascension poll (Red, Purple and Green)

The poll is below if you’d like to answer that way.

I’m looking for speed which is what’s causing the problem. Just pulled garnet could use both fit war. Leaning garnet for speed but if you can convince me otherwise, have at it.

In purple I am compelled to go with diaochan, but the last time I asked for some help I think I landed on Louhi. Then I pulled diaochan. I’m trying to work on only fast/VF heroes but of course the special matters. It’s really between those two but you could argue a reason for onyx I’m not seeing.

In green, lui bei was going to get the tonics. Then I saw some gameplay of the frog and the old man. Played them a few times as well. The frog was great, he never destroyed me but he did hit hard and I liked the water damage. So I’m torn between the frog and Liu bei. Mind you, diaochan will be leveled next if not chosen now. Rough decisions but the speed this given the new heroes is super important. Thanks if you read this far!

  • Garnet
  • C Black Knight

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  • Liu Bei
  • Iku Turso
  • Vainamoinen

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  • Diaochan
  • Onyx
  • Louhi

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You should indicate your troops as well.

Fully levelled mana/magic troops help a lot with activation.

since u’ve decided diaochan as purple, then the red should be BK.

for green, seems fast mana iku turso have more advantages compared to average liu bei. and also iku turso can do more extra things: attacking, dot, and prevent healing. that will be handy against opponent with healers.
so i voted iku turso for green

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Last time I posted my troops someone said I was bragging lol. I’ll post them though hold on…

:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I won’t say that to you. Cos my troops are levelled. And I can’t say that I patiently and slowly levelled mine either.

Red: Garnet if you need a VF healer. Otherwise I take BK. With levelled magic troops and emblem node, he activates in 8 tiles. Then you can rely on the other average healer.

Green: me not a fan of Liu bei. I would take toad.

Purple: I tried hard for Louhi. No success. I need him for his 3x dispel etc etc. Compared with Onyx, about the same activation speed. Onyx pairs better with Garnet.

DC is a good choice if you need a fast healer, but she can be a handicap if you face a team with heroes bearing anti-minion passives.

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@BlackZed Look at my troops, not bad, but not brag worthy at all imho.

EDIT: excellent response by the way, appreciate it.

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That’s a good effort at troops. At least you have a wider troop choice.

It was only critical or mana for me. Not a difficult decision.

Based on your current troop strength, I would focus on faster healers, attackers and support for now. Some average and slow pokes for rush.

Till I get at least 3 magic/mana to 29.

That’s what I did.


You’re going to make me start pulling troops and buying food refills haha

Nooooo …, please don’t do that.

Buy those ham crate offers. You have an option now. I didn’t.

Set aside your feeder troops, level what you can with whatever ham you can spare.

When that US$4.99 /S$6.98 ham crate offer comes around, I would buy all 3x. That gives me 19.5M ham. Seasonal offers feature this at least 3 times. So that’s like 60m ham within 28 days. You can binge feed then.

I used to buy those ETT offers too. When the discount was at least 48-50%.

I only went nuts in the first 3 months or so in my zest to pull up 25 mana troops at the same time to at least 17, 17, 17, 11, 11.

I do not recommend this insanity to anyone.


@BlackZed I bought every offer during sands and Kalevala, that’s how I got those magic drops up and literally just got red and yellow to 29 yesterday. Zero crates left. I had over 120 giant crates and much more of the others, all gone lol. So I agree, but only if bc I can wait. Which I suppose I can. Appreciate you though. Very nice you mentioned that.

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Quit bragging with those troops!

JK :slight_smile: good work.

Hard choices with such good heroes… the main thing is do you envision where they will fit into offense or defense teams? If you don’t have a vision for how they will improve then perhaps that helps direct you to the hero right for you.

You can wait. At least some are at 29.

That ham crate offer may pop up soon enough so I would focus on continuous farming for more of everything till then.

You doing good on your troops. :+1:

Dude stop bragging with your troops LOL.

The polls seem pretty clear and my votes actually agree with the majority, except the red one is 50/50 :sweat_smile: I voted Garnet especially if you don’t have another ailment preventer like Emilio or Grazul, because that skill is so unique and useful. C. BK is great (I just finished levelling my non-costumed version), but you have other taunters already so it doesn’t bring anything new to your roster.

Good luck with your decision! I’m still glaring at your Garnet with envy eyes!

You made a lot of sense, so I did her first…

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