Ascension packs


Ascension packs. Like the one currently on sale for 600 gems. Should never include 1 star materials, it’s a waste. Also there should be a better chance of getting much needed higher star items for ascension. IMHO


I might be tempted to buy them if I was guaranteed to get what I wanted. Random is basically worthless as far as I am concerned.

After saying I wouldn’t buy the random packs, I have been. The colour specific ascension packs seem to hit the appropriate 3* materials about 40%. No 4* mats so far, but my sample size is fairly small. (11 packs) The training packs are also about 40% for 3* star colour specific mats (I got 4 Hidden Blades out of 10packs), I also got 3 Fine Gloves and 2 Compasses.

Hope this helps out.

Works out at around 1500 gems for each Sturdy Shield, Warm Cape, Orb of Magic, Trap Tool or Hidden Blade. Be warned, like I said, the sample size is small. Anyone else like to post results so we can compare?


No, you’re both right. I don’t think the devs understand how much of a slap in the face it is to include trash in these. It would be like adding one star troops to the epic hero summons.

Let us get ONE ascension item of 3* quality or better, (trap tools, hidden blades, etc). But a garuanteed item that ISN’T 1* province 1-1 trash. We’re still gated by the fact that we might not get the thing we need, IE, we just need one more cape, but we have 30 stop watches, but that’s better than getting wooden swords…


I agree with you guys. I think the dev got a little greedy by including lower items that can be obtained through regular farming.


I am never doing one of these again until they change it. The slap in the face is a good analogy. I heard a ‘ha-ha’ in my head rack of the two times I did it and got one star crap.