Ascension Pack - Dark x5 3000 Gems Try (Results)

@goldensurfer779 Hello, thank you very much for your message. Unfortunately, at the begining i did some rush about base upgrade… After that, i did some calculation and read empires and puzzles rpg wiki, i’ve stopped using gems on fast upgrade. It was going to cost too much… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I listened your advice and i left the game for couple of days, now i feel better… I was so patient really, even having 6x Aeron…Tried to get ascension materials for fire pack but it didn’t go well… Again i was patient but after dark pack i’ve lost my mind… Spending 6600 gems for nothing was pissed me off…
Anyway i got my lesson, you guys are right… I hope someone will read those advices and will not touch non-guaranteed offers… :roll_eyes:

@Epigenetic Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, 4* main team are stucked on 60 as you wrote. Completed ascensions only for Kiril. Now 4 heroes are waiting on 60 with only one compass. There is a special offer right now. If i buy it, i can upgrade Gormek to the last level. After that i will pray to god for another compass and materials for other heroes… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I’ve leveled Gormek but now started to level Grimm as you recommended. About alliance, thanks god they are fighting with 8* titans and i am doing my best for them. For now, with my pathetic team, doing 40k-50k total damage on titan and i am happy that nobody complains it yet lol… I see that there is an A B C… grade after you kill titan. I’ve read that it gives more rare loot if you get A grade ? I can only get B or C for now. You are so right about rare quests. The last final quest stage “compass reward” one costed me 150 gems to finish. I like the game and enjoying but that ascension materials problem is killing me. :slight_smile: Note: Are you the one who did 217k damage on 14* Queen Harpy Titan??? :drooling_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Elpis Hello, thank you very much for your answer. Yes you are right, i did a big mistake for choosing those gamlbe offers… I feel regret and i hope someone will read here and will not do the mistake that i do… I was in a hurry actually, my main team was stucked on 60 and i was trying to find last two trap tools for example. :(((
Note: I’ve edited this post because i forgot to say something. Elpis my dear friend, i saw that someone was getting special offer on his video, but at the same day i didn’t get it. It was a great offer… So i’ve opened a ticket to support and asked them why i didn’t get that offer? Their answer was ;

"We have a large variety of offers available, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that somebody will get a specific one. Some of the offers are based on progress and player history such as the Super Starter Pack (which is only available for new players). "

So it seems you will get a superb offer, i will get a terrible offer. Another day you will get a bad offer, i will get a great offer. Seems like that… So for now i didn’t get a nice guaranteed offer like someone who got it… I will wait for it ok.

@LastSamurai Hello, thank you very much for your answer. As i’ve mentioned before, i was playing a lot of games before and yes i was paying too. But how i can say, for example there was a hero who named “Frost” you buy some gems and you try to get him by chance between. %1-%100
You tap the screen and your %1 percentage was starting to rise… %5 %10 %15… Percentage never drops… For example if you are lucky you get him on %5 chance or you get him on %70 chance. You click “claim” and the Frost was your hero for forever… Not any another hero that i wasn’ t interest. Just that great hero…
In this game, unfortunately after 6x Aeron i should say that i have no luck with x10 summoning, i wish there could be something like i gave an example above.

@Devil123 Hello, thank you very much for your answer. In this forum, i’ve read that Belgium’s loot box law message somewhere. Can’t remember thread link. I wish there will be that gamble loot boxes restriction really… They put all important ascension materials in it and dragging people to buy them…
Empires and Puzzles is a nice game but i don’t understand why they are giving us 9750 gems offer which costs 5000-5500… Also about this 9750 gems fraud if you read that one of staff was saying “we are testing something.”…

@EvilSmoothie Hello, thank you very much for your answer. Yes you did it right. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Please never use those gamble offers, i wish i could be like you and so i could never spend my 6600 gems for nothing…

@Ornery Hello, thank you very much for your answer. It wasn’t harsh answer, for me it was so mature answer.^^
You are so right about speeding things up with using gems on base… It was a waste of money, i’ve got my lesson…
I watched videos and i was reading forum. There are players that i saw that they have all heroes with maxed levels/skills. For now i see two type of player profile in here.

  1. 5 - 6 months of playing and having a few maxed heroes also low ascension materials having for upgrade…
  2. 7-8-10 months of playing and having all heroes with maxed levels skills.
    Someone is getting 4* troops from night vision thing for example. From chests i tried so much but it dropped nothing. 8* titan gives nothing too… Fire and Dark packs gave me nothing. This is why i am confusing,

In this forum i should say thanks to everyone because you guys are giving very nice suggestions and i will try to follow Epigenetic’s or others or your advices, i will grind and wait. I hope other new players will follow your path too… :thinking::hugs:

Even with 11 months play, I’m still scrambling for resources for ascending heroes, and that’s not just the rare materials either. I’m busy trying to balance food for levelling, with food for training recruits into fodder, with levelling my mines to try and keep up with the builders… I’m not even trying to level troops right now.
Then there’s not getting enough recruits even farming 8-7 exlusively, except when I suddenly have too many this morning and no food to put them into a training camp thanks to an ascension…
As you might guess I hit a perfect storm of resource shortfall this morning. Time playing the game doesn’t necessarily mean elite capabilities and resources within it, though it certainly helps.

O maior conselho que é: NÃO GASTE GEMAS COM O JOGO. Antes as gemas até traziam um resultado satisfatório, hoje em dia o jogo é totalmente parcial com modo capitalista. Acabei de fazer mais de 87 convocações de heróis e todos, TODOS foram heróis de 3 estrelas, essa probabilidade chega a ser idiota!

The greatest advice that is: DO NOT SPEND GEMS WITH THE GAME. Before the gems even brought a satisfactory result, nowadays the game is totally partial with capitalist mode. I just made over 87 hero summons and all, ALL were 3-star heroes, this probability becomes stupid!

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I have to agree I worked up 5 summon tokens I got ■■■■ for it.
I need better cards. But like you said money trap I spent about 20 dallors no more. Cheers players and becarefull

Just did the pack myself. Only got a compass and gloves for unfarmable. Oh well

Can someone post a pic of the drop rates? I forgot to look first

Here the chances:

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Thank you much!!!

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