Ascension Pack - Dark x5 3000 Gems Try (Results)

Hello. Just a few days ago there was an offer that “Ascension Pack - Fire”. I’ve tried it and bought x6 stocks. Spent 3600 gems for it… Only one blade and one 3 star thing dropped, all other materials were just a trash…

Today, right now i bought all x5 stocks for 3000 gems. Here are the results, if you want show your results too. I am so angry and this game is only about a gamble and money trap… There is an absolutely no respect for players about ultra low material drop rate.

Almost spent 1000 dollars and just got nothing… I confess that this is my mistake. Not a big deal for me but mistake is a mistake… As a 19 days newbie player i did these mistakes so i am begging you new players please, do not waste your money on that “Get at least 2 of the following” fraud… Enough is enough!!! :thinking::rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



The ascension packs are a waste of gems, as you sadly discovered the hard way. The trainers tools offer that sometimes comes up is also random, but in my experience there’s slightly under a 50/50 chance of getting a nonfarmable ascension material on a given purchase.

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Holy s****, its bad! I lost my money for nothing too. NO MORE $$ TO SG. Its only game I see we pay to lose.


I find it funny how you didint learn from your first attempt


Ive had some excellent luck with them. I needed one more orb to max Wu and I got one on my first pull. I know my results are the norm but so far so good for me. Its different for me because I always keep my gems over 3k so Im constantly getting them. I know I got lucky but that’s just how it works.


How interesting…

16 days later:


We cover every end of the spectrum.

What a rollercoaster of a game! :joy::rofl:
For real though aside from buying battle items with gems, these ascension packs are some of the worst value.
I’d stay away and only spend your gems on hero summons, speeding up chests, and energy refills.

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@Paulon Hello thank you very much for your answer. Yes this is just a waste of time, for 3000 gems only 2 useful thing has dropped. Like a joke. In fire ascension pack it was the same, 3600 gems x6 stock and only 2 useful thing has dropped.

@Brfaccini Hello thank you very much for your answer. I am on the same boat with you really. Since 1999 i am in the internet, i’ve never ever seen that before. A good game with terrible drop rate and this is cheating people.

@Denys Hello thank you very much for your answer. I wish i could stop when i got 6x Aerons lol… I thought it was all bad luck but i’ve read the forum and i saw that not only me, people are complaning this low drop rate issue too. I think time to stop here because it seems if even i purchase 10000 dollars there will be 50x same Aerons nothing else lol :thinking::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@nosaj03 Hello thank you very much for your answer. I was trying like you, 10000+ gems ready and after that i was trying to summon things or try for offers… Didn’t worked for me… I am happy that at least you’ve found your materials. Congrationals. :blush:

@kahree Hello… I don’t understand that what are you trying to prove? What is the interesting thing about it?
Of course this is a great game and in play store i gave 5 stars to this game and wrote a nice comment for it… But on the other hand, a lot of people are complaining that terrible low drop rate things like me. After 16 days, 6x Aeron drops and with terrible material drops, of course i will complain ??? Also i am just complaining that, this summoning things and offer things are gamble with too low drop rate chance and almost money trap. I don’t complain gameplay it is nice i love it…

@2Spookd Hello. Call me like rollercoaster or clown or sucker… Kahree’s comparison is totally wrong and you are laughing for that…

First of all, in play store i gave 5 stars to this game and wrote a nice comment for it… I just complained summon and offer things, not for gameplay ? The gameplay is great yes, but the game has some serious issue just like 2 days ago 9750 gems fraud offering for trash materials which is worth 5000 5500 gems… So are we ok about between day 1 - day 16 comparison message right now ?

On the other hand thank you for your suggestion, i will try to stay away from these ascension pack offers… If i get my money back, i will no hesitate to uninstall this game in 5 seconds lol…
One question for you, you are a regular player alright. Can you please tell me that, how did you get all materials and maxed your 4* 5* heroes ? Lets say this will not work with trying monster chests, raiding chests and from 8star titan… I swear to my god, i tried so hard to get ascension materials from chests and even 8star titans, nothing dropped? Nothing is also dropped from night vision ? What else i can do? Should i be patient for 7-8 months???

I agree that ascension packs have a low probability of success, and sometimes you don’t get any non-farmable ascension materials for your 3000 gems. You don’t have to spend money, but if you do, I would use it to try for some 4* (or at least 3*) heroes. Doing one 1600 gem troop pull will likely get you at least one 3* of each color, and these are long term investments. If you’ve spent $1000 I hope you have done at least these things!

After that, it is a grind to level up your heroes, and there are limited ways to speed the process. Building your world and getting as many farms and mines is one. As 2spookd said, speeding up chests helps. If you want ascension items, buy them during specials when they are guaranteed and are a lot cheaper than 3000 gems.


Ascention items are given out every week but u must complete the rare quests and events when they show up!
True these purchases as horrible, they really are and i learned that by losing gems too. Trainer tools is the only worthed thing to purchase in the shop, if u dont have any of the items. Twice i spent 2500 and got 6 ascention items, so came to be about 400 per item (hidden blade, compass, cape, trap tools)
The rest is keep grinding!
Just changed alliances, was hitting a 6* titan and was getting capes and trap tools, now with 9* i had a mysterious tonic and a telescope drop
So dont lose hope
I say buy all the offers, they are worthed and help u on the way, only spend on the offers, forget the shop, it is too expensive. I would never buy th ‘might of the holy’ or anything like that.
The prices are a true joke. This game is a gamble in itself when buying items and summoning, so beware cause only ‘guaranteed’ offer will give u what u want, the rest we might never know the probabilities.
5 months and i have 2 5* ascended to last tier.
If u were to get to this point in a month of playing the game would collapse. So enjoy ur time, the difficulties ahead and play on! Focus on the journey, not on the destination

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Oh man, well just in case it wasn’t clear already…


Still, I appreciate the reminder of how bad the drops are. The rest or us are better for your sharing :relieved:


@Epigenetic Hello and thank you very much for your answer. I tried to get 5 star hero but 6 times Aeron has dropped and i’ve lost my way haha. :smiley:
Yes i have some 4* and some 3* heroes but most of them are multiple now… (3x kiril, 3x grimm, 4x rigard…)
About troops, 4* purple, blue, green, yellow mana troops and one yellow exalted war constructs (crit troop?)
I wish there could be an elemental troop summon thing, need a 4* red troop.
Everytime with a hope i was waiting “luck” but no it is not working. 6x Aeron, fire and dark ascension terrible materials… I hate whining but i’ve read that in this forum a lot of people were complaining those problems and i wanted to open a thread for sharing and talking about the common problem…

@Lunx Hello, thank you very much for your message. Thank you very much for understanding me and not having fun with me just like how someone laughed to me, because of i complained something serious with this game…
Oh yes i did that trainer tool offer too, it was costed 3000 3500 gems right? it was worth yes i’ve bought all stocks too. Alright thank you very much for your suggestion Lunx, i didn’t know that there will be special ascension guaranteed offer hmmmm…

You are such a nice person really, you didn’t make fun with me or laughed on me like someone, you gave motivation to me about 6* titan good drops… You’ve mentioned a great thing Lunx, 5 months of playing and only two 5* maxed hero… This is the zone that i don’t understand yet… I saw that some players have all heroes in the game, and the heroes are all maxed… How come? I thought that maybe only after 7-8 months of playing you could get all heroes and maxed them… Hmmmm :thinking:

@Lurker Hello, thank you very much for your message. Since from day 1 i was reading this forum, people were complaining about low material drop rate or something like that. Now i understand them and i understand how they feel… Yes Lurker yes… I’ve got my lesson, i will stay away from that 600 gems non-guaranteed gamble ascension packs…
In this forum, i’ve read that “Belgium declares loot boxes gambling and therefore illegal”. Good start…

Right now i’ve got an answer from support team about refunding. Do you know what they are saying? LOL it is an automated message that says "Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced problems with your purchase.

Sometimes purchases take a while to process and do not get delivered immediately. You may want to restart the game to enable a fresh connection to the server. There is no need to try purchasing the same pack again - it should arrive soon!"

Lost in words…

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I agree that Ascension packs are a waste of money. This is not a game where you can drop$1000 and become King.

You could just stop spending money here and play the game and hope to progress slowly… If you have only been playing 16 days, then you have a lot of things to do. You need to build your base. I hope you didn’t spend gems to rush everything. You need to build feeder heroes so your main heroes can level… All the Ascension materials in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the hero xp.

The best heroes are also not always available. You have to wait for the special event heroes to round out your team.

I hope you don’t let your frustration drive you away from this game, because I love it. You just have to be patient with growth. If you don’t mind playing every day and growing little by little, this is the right game for you. If you need to be on top next week, then you should quit because this game will just continue to upset you


Hi Sadness:

Here is what I suggest.

  1. Even if you complete a lot of teams for alliance wars, you will need at most three Kiril, 2 Grimm, 2 Rigard and 3 Aeron (probably only 2 but keep one more). I suggest feeding the rest to the same hero you are leveling to increase the change of increasing the special ability early. This may be better because you will be stuck at level 60 or 70 without ascension items. Of course, level one of each 4* and 5* hero. Since you have Rigard and Aeron, I would level Grimm first, then Kiril in blue. Level Rigard before even starting on Aeron. Do five color leveling as discussed in Censure’s guide. I don’t know what other heroes you have so it is difficult to say more.

  2. Keep some good 3* heroes for Alliance Wars and for the beginner challenge. If you are stuck in one color, level the 3* to maximum. That takes no ascension items.

  3. Build your buildings as I said in the last post. Get to Training Camp 11 as soon as possible. Don’t worry about TC 20 until you are much more progressed.

  4. You need to get to higher levels so you can do the rare quests. These frustrated me when I started playing because I could not do the last two levels. However, after your heroes are stronger they will become routine, and then you will get ascension materials from them.

  5. When you are stronger, join an alliance that is killing 7* or higher titans so you can get items.

The problem is that #2, #3 and #4 and leveling takes many months. If you really enjoy the game, you must have patience and things will come eventually. It has taken me a year but I have built an army :slight_smile:

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With all the guaranteed offers out there, you went on the only wrong choice of all. Twice.



Sadly, this game has become a total money grab.


This is exactly why Belgium have made the change to loot box law that they have. There is a debate on here in another thread , but I think its hard for SG to justify that they are not covered by it and therefore need to publish odds. Hopefully the law will get wider EU adoption, though I note UK and USA have already said there are no plans in this direction.


The outcome was actually better than I expected, that tells a lot why I don’t even think about buying those packs.


I havn’t seen anybody really addressing this, and you might find it a bit harsh, but here’s your problem:

This game is based on progression through grinding. You may speed the progression up by using money, but you will have to pay a ■■■■■■■■ of money ro really speed things up. A ■■■■■■■■ of money, or an insane luck. Everything is based on chance - you pay for the chance to get what you want, and as you’ve been both told and you’ve discovered, the chance is very small. You’re also absolutely right - it borders on… Well, not really being an okay way to treat your customers. That’s a problem in this game, but it’s not what’s the problem here.

So. What on earth gave you the impression you’d get all the heroes and have them maxed after 7-8 months? If you’ve really read the forum, I find it weird you are expecting this, because there’s nothing indicating this is how the game works.

Do what Epigenetic and others suggests - build on what you got, and max your 4* heroes - you’ll use them even after you got a full 5* setup. You got some really good heroes. Buying your way to a 5* team will not let you win this game. Grinding your way from at least 3-4* will give you valuable strategic experience. You will not make a good player missing out on that, believe me. Or don’t.

Again - the progression in this game is based on grind. Grind, level and learn. You WILL get the ascension items during your grind. Maybe not the items you want, and maybe not when you want them, but you’ll get them. :wink: This is an important mechanics of the game, and you have to take note of this; the drop rate of ascension items, and resources/time to level your base, is a way to control the pace of progression. When you speed things up, you might get things you wouldn’t otherwise, but you’ll probably lack resources using them. Making real progression with the help of money will ruin you, because, as mentioned earlier, everything is based on chance. Chance with a low probability. How to overcome this? Well, thanks for asking! Grind. Grind grind grind. If you don’t accept this, you will go insane.

This was supposed to be a short reply. Well, nothing in life’s easy.