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I fully understand that there are certain Ascension items that you can get in different regions in the game play. But it’s those rare items that seems to take forever and a day just to find. They tell you you can only get those rare items in Titan battles, certain challenges, Alliance Wars and whatnot. So when you do all of that you still come up empty you still come up short. So I need some help I’m in trying to ascend a player for about 2 weeks now and I keep coming up short on just one item that I need.

Talking about 5 stars, be ready to accept that you will be able to ascend one of each color per 3-6 months, mostly depending on whether or not you buy the offer bundles and, to some extend, luck. They are just so rare.


Short of money, bigger titans is the best way to go. Which means an ambitious alliance …

Well we’re killing daily 14* and while of course better than 5* or 10*, it is not Christmas all year long. 2-4 epic materials per month at best.

Well then, obviously you don’t need my advice. :slight_smile:

That’s a whole lot more than those who are stuck in less ambitious alliances, handling single-digit titans. And that’s what I’m trying to say: The alliance’s titan performance makes a world of difference, AM-wise.

Yeah though my point is - it’s not like killing better titans will make a lot of difference. You still look at the rare chests, rare quests, season ladder, offers etc. If killing low level titans is 15% of your epic materials, killing high level titans will be 25% of your epic materials (just gut feeling, I am pretty sure someone already made a good math and has stats around that statement). And it is still a long few-month crawl (I just broke my record on tabards and gathered 6 within 3 months - 2 of which were bought, 1 was Morlovia rare quest and 1 Morlovia seasonal ladder, 1 I got from titan and 1 was a war drop).

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I agree they are too rare in the chests

Math: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

A C grade on a 14* titan (or A grade on a 12*, etc) gives you 4 rolls for ascension materials.

A C grade on a 8* titan (or A grade on a 6*, etc) gives you 2 rolls for ascension materials.

Anything in between gives you 3 rolls for ascension materials.

So, yeah, if it’s 15%, it probably won’t go much higher than 25%. But (a) it was my impression it was bigger percentage than that; and (b) it’s not as if you’re going to pick up another free 10% easily in any other part of the game. (What might that be? Tournaments?)

I don’t think it has definitively been analyzed, but it is very likely that a higher titan loot tier also increases the chance for a 4* versus 3* ascension item for each ascension item roll. So, the difference in 4* ascension mats is larger than if you just consider 4 rolls/3 rolls/2 rolls.

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