Ascension mats drop rate (proving it hasn't changed?)

17 days since last mat. So as people who claim my account is rigged for whatever reason… this is my 2nd mat of the month outside rare quests


Well got lucky in mv too today


wait, i don’t understand, are you tracking like nuggets, dragon bones, meteor fragments, 4* titan parts? if so, that is a flawed method. Ascension mats have a way way way lower appearance rate. i have been tracking 4* asc rates since june 2020 from either random (titan, chest, war/chest, tourney, etc) or guaranteed sources (rare quest, PoV, seasonal, completing seasons) and the random sources has decreased fairly significantly over time for me, here are results
Jun20-Dec20: 6.67 avg from random sources per month
Jan21-Dec21: 6.91 avg
Jan22-Dec22: 5.50 avg (this dropped dramatically in Sep22-Dec22, when i believe there was a big update, and shortly after the PoV went to 30d and my random avg has dropped to 3.75)

The appearance rate is dropping, even when performing better, may alliance power is 275-280k, so fighting solid war opponents, now we are taking 13* with little issues (and i’m usually top 3) when 2020 was prob 10*, then usually in top 10% at worst in tourneys, etc etc etc w/ all the new content.

i know i am just a small sample but i am convinced SG really nerfed the appearance rates. I also believe it about pull rates, i’m 255 pulls since last “featured” and at 0.7% over last about 600 pulls. again small sample but multiple anecdotal experiences usually indicate a trend of actual data

Hello Jop?
Don’t know what you mean? I only track 4* ascension mats.
Turn of the year I changed alliance, and we now chain 14* titans, which has increased my drop rate.
In January I had 25 4* asc. mats
Discounting the goblin balloon, which I paid for, that is 24 mats for January, which is above average for me.

Titan 6
Rare quest 4
Summon chest 3
Path of Valor 2
Challenge Event 2
Mystic Vision 1
Elemental chest 1
Hero Chest 1
Alkashards 1
Seasonal 1
Valor Chest small 1
Goblin Balloon 1
War win 1
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You are including the guaranteed rare, seasonal, etc, as well as paid PoV, seasonal booster, goblin balloon. i was specifically talking about random source ones. Clearly you are more P2P than i am, i spend but not a whole ton. You obv have way more summon chest changes, place higher in challenge events, and pay for goblin balloon. In Jan 2023 (i got a scope from color chest on the 31st), i got 4 from random sources, 7 from guaranteed (4 rare quest - which they missed one week…, 2 from PoV-though prob better under purchased, and 1 lunar NY,), and bought a goblin baloon cuz d-blade was in spot 1, for a total of 12. Didn’t get any from 7 AL combos, any of the bonus summon chest, etc.

If you want to include guaranteed and purchased in that, it still shows 2020 was 13.17 per mo, 2021 was 12.75 per mo, and 2022 was 12.33 per mo.

I didn’t include guaranteed and paid cuz those are more dependent on how much you spend

That is why I added the descriptions; totally free, minor investments etc.
Path of Valor right hand and rare quest are still totally free, even if they are guaranteed.
If going for completely random; I got 55 in 2022.