Ascension mats drop rate (is it less than before?)

Consider yourself pumped then. :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe it’s all rng look at my 4*am drops rate in December I was getting one every 2.5days I got more in 60 days then most in a year now its slowed to a crawl again…peaks and valleys although it should just be steady


I know what you mean cause in some aspects the game works like wave. But it is really frustrating when you open next chest, kill next titan in two months and someone type at alliance chat ’ omg darts and damascus from this titan ". And you stay with your trash loot and want to throw a phone against a wall with alot of 3.70 5* heroes.


Dang what level are you on? I never counted how many mats I get. Do you use the Alchemy lab?

Imagine if the 4* ascension mats were alot easier to get. In my case, I’d have enough maxed 5* Heroes of every element to do 6 mono attacks in alliance war. Not saying I’d go 6-0 everytime, but that’s a huge advantage.

Im still waiting for the day I see a team with 5 fully maxed 4* troops of the same element.

Lvl 50

No, I don’t have it, my base is lvl 22, still way to go :sweat_smile:

Titans, quests, chests, events/tournaments, I don’t buy any unfarmable AM*s

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It’s kinda a conspiracy thing but I was getting alot more 4* ams then members with AL I still haven’t built it yet been grinding out everything for ha10 as it doesn’t use gems but wondering if there’s a coronation between drop rates and players with AL 10

I’m not sure. I’m going to have to write down all the mats I get so I can see. I feel like I’m on pace to collect enough mats to ascend 1 5* hero every 6 months.

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I think most of the people underestimate how much they get.
I myself was constantly complaining how little I get until some of my teammates convinced me to write everything down. I started last year on May 3rd 2020 and collected some data till June 11th 2020. Than I was too tired because it was much more than expected, 63 unfarmable 3* mats and 18 4* mats.
I started another try this year but only covered the whole January and first two weeks February before I stopped again collecting 64 3* mats and 12 4* mats.

Best source of mats for me are titans and events, last year we were killing 8-9*, this year we killed 11*. In events I finish normally in top 1k rare giving 1 4* mats and sometimes but not very often top 500 epic giving another.

I also counted all the mats I received from the beginning and looked how long I played. On average I’ve got a little bit over 9 4* mats per month. Maybe even a little bit more in the last two years, because in the beginning I played in a very small alliance not killing big titans


That’s good information are you able to translate it in an English format?

5/5 titan chest. Thats 5 12* Titans. Maybe a 13 in there not sure.

I feel I must be doing something wrong, I looked at my history to just see piles of ETT’s, Haven’t got mats from an 8 star Titan chests for 2 weeks or more.

Do you count 3* in your mats?

With titan chests, I find that they can be surprising good, or really disappointing (not even 3* mat and 5 emblems). Not much of an in-between.

I’m almost exclusively a 4 star player so yes I do. Was disgusted to find that Joon is a glass cannon. His stats are awful. I only have about 8 x 5 stars and only 3 are maxed. Almost zero 4* mats for the heroes that I want to level.

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You’ll get more maxed how long you been playing? I’ve been playing since October 2019 and have 10 maxed I could do an 11th but it’d be zulag or justice…been waiting for joon although I do have alot of monk emblems.s I can put on him


I don’t think that the point of the game is maxing as many 5* as you can, but having fun. I could suggest something that would make the game much more fun to you - you could put a cap of the heroes you use. Maxed 4* and 3/70 5* tops. Then you also won’t have any trouble with 4* mats since you won’t need them.

Ok, that is no good that you haven’t gotten a 3* mat from your recent titan chests. :disappointed_relieved: Are you getting mats from elsewhere (war loot, tournament…)?

I think you’ll find Joon much more useful, as long as you can emblem him as much as possible. Hopefully you can get his costume soon. :four_leaf_clover:

I am vc2p, and have the opposite problem. Plenty of mats, and no heroes I want to level. Reuben will get rings once I finish Boldtusk #6 (yes, six!). :rofl:

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Actually, an elemental chest just delivered a Tabard and a hidden blade (neither of which I need, just earlier).
I was sick during the week so could only make 10 attacks with one loss and a B defense which was disappointing but top 50% loot is just junk.

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Nice on the elemental chest! :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope you are feeling better now too.

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Just 3 months less than you but went solo for more than 8 months which ■■■■■■■■ my progress until I found an awesome alliance.

The blanked out bit could be translated as “slowed down”. Zero profanity.

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