Ascension mats drop rate (is it less than before?)

I just started tracking in November. Not counting any purchased, or gem related chests (like Valhalla) I have received:
12 November
14 December
6 January so far

That’s from an alliance that caps at 10* (11* rares).

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While @OGdirty1Kanobi has been extremely lucky with 4* mats drop in our alliance, I have had the worst luck or dry spell if we want to call like that.

In our alliance we fight mainly 10-11* titans and we kill between 22-26 titans per month. And I’m in the top hitter, with mostly A and A+ scores.
Not to mention that I’m 100% active in all the other events.

I’ve been tracking all my mats since October. And if I’m not counting the purchased, gem related chests ( Valhalla, AR etc) like @PooFlingerJr mentioned or the rare quests, here are my numbers:

October- 3
November- 3
December- 2
January- 3 so far.

Not impressive at all . :woman_shrugging:


Yeah its crazy the few times I get an A+ score on titans its almost been a guaranteed 4* am lately but you getting A+ consistently and getting :poop: if even a 3* am.

Pretty ridiculous but ill keep posting in here whenever I get 4* ams as my records got deleted when trying to change to a pdf document which is a PiTA

sooo i did track all non farmable AM materials for january…

Overall: 14 4-star AM and 33 3-star AM

Here’s my list:
tabards 2x (titan + morlovia quest)
rings 3x (purple chest, PoV, titan)
book 1x (quest)
scope 3x (2x titan, 1x wanted chest)
darts 2x (quest + titan)
tonic 2x (titan chest + purple chest)
damascus blade 1x (fareholme quest)

compass 7x (4x titan, 1x corellia event, 1x fareholme quest, 1x tourney top10%)
gloves 6x (1x quest, 3x titan, 2x corellia event)
traps 4x (2x titan, 1x corellia event, 1x morlovia quest)
shield 5x (3x titan, 2x corellia event, )
magic orb 5x (1x quest, 1x titan, 1x costume bonus chest, 1x monster chest, 1x holy chest)
capes 4x (1x war-win chest, 1x green rare titan, 1x mystic titan, 1x wanted chest)
hidden blades 2x (1x full war chest, 1x corellia event)

So 47 non farmable AM materials in January and if i split them in “luck” and “quests”:

quests: 13
luck: 34

gonna make another list for february, let’s see how it works out :slight_smile:


Titan info: all titans were 11*, and my grade is usually B, sometimes C, two or three times it was A

and my A grade was the worst loot (but it was the grade i got least, so thats just a feeling i guess)


I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of 4* mats in chest. In the last 7-8 months, I have only received 2 in chest, and they were both elemental chest. I also skip chest every day, and have had many elemental chest with garbage. I slowly keep reducing the amount I spend on this game the greedier they get.


At my level, I’m getting a fair supply of 3 star non farmables. 4 Stars, not so much at all (even a little bit).


Recently. I cant get 4* mats. Especially color chest, titan chest and titan root. Probably sg lowered the rates.


And in MV today’s got a lovely surprise


My streak took a break but today got lucky


Yes, the drop rate is terrible now. Items is lesser and poor most of the time, that’s feel like alms to me IMHO…


This is what will lead to me quitting the game. I haven’t gotten a random 4* mat in over three months. My alliance kills 12-14* titans almost every day, and I’m usually B tier, with some A and very few C tiers.

I’m top 1% in most tournaments. I flask to do a ton a monster and raid chests. I farm alkashards and get 1,000 a week - none have led to a 4* mat.

The only 4* mats I’ve received in the past three months have been the automatic ones you get from POV, rare quests or from doing so many summonses, etc. I have over 60 5* heroes sitting on my roster that can’t be leveled.

What is the point of the game?

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Keep messing with alchemy lab. Save the level unwanted and duplicate 5* heroes for HA10 in the future. The roster grows every month I believe.

With alchemy lab I am doing something a little different this year. Just dont collect them right away. Let those Alkashards stack.

I would say SG set this up as 2nd round money grabbing trap, and mostly that trap is not easy to discover if the player is new to the game, doesn’t do research about hero levelling or ask on forum.

They spend a lot of money to summoning 5* hero, but to maximise them they need to spend extremely long time to get 4* mats from challenge mission and POV unless buy the very expensive ascension package every time. That’s the purpose of the set up because some players (especially P2W type who already have many 5* heroes) may spend money on that.

But some of my ex-allies were quit the game, they have many 5* heroes but hate to keep waiting 4* mats or spend a lot of money again. Of course it doesn’t matter to SG because they already earn money from those players.


I am about two months without any 4*(titan, chests etc.). My friend from alliance grab 4* in a few days like 6-8 per month. Any 4* for me drops from quests or offer. I was p2w, p4f and now ctp.


I’ve had two weeks without any mats and my last elemental chest gave me just 2 lots of tall boots. It’s a freaking mockery.


for whatever reason, i started keeping track of all the unfarmables i get that aren’t from rare quests. just since 1/30, about three weeks, i got 4 4-star mats, and 13 3-star mats. About half from titan loot and the other half from wanted missions or war loot. just got a cape from mystic vision today too.

I did have a holy chest in December that gave me a chainmail shirt and boots, so yeah, sometimes you don’t get any good stuff. but i get something on the regular, though sometimes i’ll go three days without anything and get several in one day.


I’m on a 1 gem , one pot streak on MV. Titan chest was awful, hero chest just gave me iron and ham which I’m full up on and it’s getting toward the 14 day mark without anything but a totally useless hidden blade from POV. How many do I actually need? Some darts from anywhere would be really cool because I don’t want to wait 2 years for another 5 again. Wouldn’t complain about some trap tools and orbs either.

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Already 33 unfarmable AM in February, 47 mats in january

Seems to be about 40-50 per month for me

Edit: 3* and 4* together

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I officially hate you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hate is my motivation :sunglasses: :rofl:


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