Ascension mats drop rate (is it less than before?)

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I just started tracking in November. Not counting any purchased, or gem related chests (like Valhalla) I have received:
12 November
14 December
6 January so far

That’s from an alliance that caps at 10* (11* rares).

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While @OGdirty1Kanobi has been extremely lucky with 4* mats drop in our alliance, I have had the worst luck or dry spell if we want to call like that.

In our alliance we fight mainly 10-11* titans and we kill between 22-26 titans per month. And I’m in the top hitter, with mostly A and A+ scores.
Not to mention that I’m 100% active in all the other events.

I’ve been tracking all my mats since October. And if I’m not counting the purchased, gem related chests ( Valhalla, AR etc) like @PooFlingerJr mentioned or the rare quests, here are my numbers:

October- 3
November- 3
December- 2
January- 3 so far.

Not impressive at all . :woman_shrugging:

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Yeah its crazy the few times I get an A+ score on titans its almost been a guaranteed 4* am lately but you getting A+ consistently and getting :poop: if even a 3* am.

Pretty ridiculous but ill keep posting in here whenever I get 4* ams as my records got deleted when trying to change to a pdf document which is a PiTA

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