Ascension materials or lack there of

Hi, I’m brand new and very shiny to the who forum thing, so don’t shoot me just yet.

Has anyone else had difficulty in getting the ascension items they need, or is it just me.
And when killing a high level Titan, shouldn’t the rewards be better than a few common crafting items and 3 gems?? This game has so much potential, but to get any real progression, you have to spend real money in order to do it.

Why can’t they make it possible to trade items with other players in your Alliance, so that as a whole, you become stronger.

You can gift resources in other game, so why not this.


Weird, must be just you, the rest of us are flush with ascension items and maxed 5* hero of the month teams.

Of course we are all just as frustrated as you, but this is a game of patience not a sprint, and every idea about trading with your alliance and many others have been brought up with no interest from the developers.

Yes titan loot and especially titan chest loot sucks, but that is the way it is, not going to change.


Aww beat me to it man!

Was just gonna day the same thing “nah bro. Must just be you with some bad luck”


Every single thread on the forum references a lack of ascension materials @FukaDukaDingDong. We’re all in the same boat, and it’s a boat with no ascension mats in it!


It depends. Ascension materials to upgrade your 3* heroes will be not a problem if you’ve been playing for a while. The ones for 4* and 5* heroes don’t make their appearance as often and are more difficult to obtain.

Just as @Wad said this is a game of patience or investing money. But even with investing a lot of money it is unavoidable to remain patient.

The higher the level of the titan you’re fighting against, the higher your chances on better loot drops are. Also, the higher your individual damage dealt on a titan, the higher your chances on better loot drops are. I don’t know if anything is applied to the titan chest itself. Of course, it is all still random and you need to be lucky. These things are also discussed in threads concerning titan loot, you might want to read it. For example: Resume of how Titan loot works – Tiers, Scores, theories

However, I am convinced that if you play the game at the highest possible level you’re able to, you will get your necessary materials sooner in general. I wish you the best of luck and lots of joy! :slight_smile:

That link is a little confusing, yet oddly helpful. @Wad thank you for not shooting me down in a ball of flames.
Just a thought, if so many people have requested the ability to trade, yet are completely ignored, does anyone know if the devlopers actually read anything in the forums?
That’s not me being sarcastic, I’m genuinely curious.

They do and they do also respond. Suggesting improvements is not in vain. But, everyone agrees that they should more often.

Here’s an interesting shortlist of requests, which also includes trading: Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

Here’s a thread about trading: Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here! give it your vote :slight_smile: (top left corner).

I’m sure the devs read this but they have no doubt considered it and decided trading heroes or ascension items wouldn’t be in their interest and I’d have to agree. It would have to be very “costly” to make such a trade, to make it rare and not some free for all. Part of the devs strategy is to make this a long drawn out game, hopefully with money spent.

The guy that spends money on 10 10 pulls that ends up with 10 Gravemakers has limited value, but if he can flood the market with 8 of those that weakens the devs goal. Money would start being traded outside of SGs control.


My first 5* took over a year to fully ascend. Patience!

Ok @therocketcat now I want to cry lol.
I don’t mind this game, but do get frustrated with the lack of items in chests. I get SUPER excited when I see the chest change colour lol. I mostly play just to keep with the friends I’ve made in babes dollhouse Alliance. They’re a really good bunch, and my sister and nephew are in there too, so it’s good to catch up with them.

I wonder if they could make mone g by charging a fee to both parties to make a trade…say 10 per trade or something per person…i would say 5, but we all know how greedy they are so im sure 10 is probably even too low…

I’ve made a few really good friends from alliances! If it makes you feel any better I managed to fully ascend my second 5* a few weeks later :slight_smile:

same dilemma…i can’t ascend Boldtusk since am lacking HIDDEN BLADE. i hope there are other ways to get them, like crafting

I have been playing for about 2 months. I have 5 4*/5* heros waiting to ascend to level 4 and no material. Its been at least a month. I am a pay to play participant and its getting a little discouraging. It would be nice to have at least one good team so I can at least be competitive in wars, quests and titan battles. I’m not inclined to spend money if I can’t at least get an occasional tidbit so it’s not just you. I do enjoy the game so I will wait a little longer.

2 month is not that much. I had waited for my first fine gloves for around 3 months and another few month for my second pair. No worries, this is completely normal. In the meantime you can level other 4* heroes to the third bench. I did that and it paid off :slight_smile:


Thank you! Thats what I’m doing. And I miss calculated, I started in early February so its been over 3 months.

Yeah it can definitely take a lot longer than 2 3 months to get a decent team together, even if you buy a lot.

For new players who are willing to spend, if you don’t have it already, I recommend investing in VIP. Having 2 builders is a great boost early on, will make it easier to get your training camps up to level 20 quicker so that you can start collecting more heroes for your war roster. They’re just vanilla heroes so not as good as some of what you can get from summon portals, but season one 4* heroes are more than good enough for completing a lot of the game content.

… and before anyone tries to say “what does that have to do with ascension materials? stay on topic, man” … it’s important to have good heroes because they can make it easier to get ascension materials. It can be a bit of a Catch-22… you need ascension materials to level your heroes, but you need leveled heroes to complete many of the quests to get the ascension materials… it’s okay though, you’ll get there eventually. Easier if you focus on the 4* heroes first, the 5* heroes take a lot more time and resources to ascend.

Again… 2 3 months is still very early for this game. Takes most players a year or more to build up a really solid fully leveled team. So no worries.


I used to think getting ascension materials was going to take forever but it definitely gets easier as you progress through the game. I found that once I was able to field a team (all 4* heroes) that could beat the rare quests (sometimes with items), that opened the door for me to essentially have a guaranteed set of mats that I could look forward to. There’s always the option to buy some of them as special offers come out but I agree with @TGW above in that investing in VIP is probably one of the best decisions you can make if you’re CTP (Cheap to Play) or PTP (Pay to Play).


Welcome to the most greedy game in the entire world!!!

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