Ascension materials/Items


I have been waiting months for a few ascension materials. I think they should be offered more frequently. Without progress in the game I just get bored and want to stop playing. Any other way to get specific items?


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As you might have read elsewhere on the Forums, ascension items are found:

  • from Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Elemental Wanted chests
  • Rare Quests
  • Mystic Vision

I find that the loot tends to shift around, so I shift with it, looking for loot in all these places and recognizing that these pieces are “rare”. Even so, with patience, I find what I need. :wink:


If you are P2P (Pay to play), best way for ascension item is to spam the skip timer on ‘wanted missions’, using gems, to try your luck for rare elemental wanted missions; those drop ascension materials with a good chance.

Other than that, its all about patience, hitting titans, participating in events, praying for rare quests and from mystic vision. Those are slightly not within your control and more on RNG.

Maybe one day they let you skip titan wait timer too and purchase alliance energy refill. Then spamming titan can be a P2P source of ascension items too.


Thanks for the info. I guess I’m not that patient. I understand they do it to increase those willing to pay but it’s really expensive compared to other games and only a chance to get items. Not really worth it in my opinion


Many of us are Free2Play (or semi-free). :wink: Patience is key unless you have gems to spend. Good luck!


It looks like we will be offered the chance to buy each ascension item along with gems in this month’s offers. Definitely P2P, but if you’ve been stuck waiting for, say, a compass, here’s a chance to get one.

Improving your Titan level and results is key for F2P. The quality and quantity of loot definitely improves higher titan loot tiers. There’s a chicken/egg problem, though: you can’t take down big titans with only 3* heroes, and you can’t fully level 4* and 5* heroes without ascension mats.


If Titans were the only source of ascension items that would be chicken/egg-problem.

Now you have

  • regular chests
  • rare chests
  • mystic vision
  • rare quests
  • event tier completion loot

It just takes time, a lot of time, thats all


But the loots are poor in all those quests. Do not even get better for higher titans and i regularly get A+. From my point of view is has nothing to do with patience. They just force players to spend money :-/


I just had a rare chest drop two ascention items and an epic hero token, amongst other things. It’s all up to chance.


It’s insanely random. You can play for weeks or months and get nothing then one month get everything you need plus some. Just keep enjoying the game, it’ll happen for you.