Ascension materials fragments

Hi everyone.
In this topic I talked about how pure RNG kills the fun in game since game doesn’t have any depth in strategy and skills. Now I wanna share my opinion on how to add direction and goal for players.

As we all now, ascension materials are The Great Wall in this game.
On the other hand, daily play consists of endless grinding of usually season 1 8-7 to find recruits and other mats.
Imagine every province has a very low chance of dropping a fragment of a non-farmable mats. And by finding e.g. 50 parts of a specific fragments, you can create a 3* ascension man in the most sought building, alchemy lab!
Fragments can be sold as packs, can be looted in boxes and can give purpose to players to fight in other regions as well instead of constant 8-7 grind. Then all these endless grind will have a purpose. Bosses can be harder. And their loots will be perceived more valuable. And players will be more satisfied when they see that after 20 hours of fighting a titan or opening a titan chest after a week, they found something worthy that can make them come closer at least a step to what they really need to ascend their beloved heroes. Even if the prize/step is 1/50 of one of mats.

I would be glad to hear your feedbacks and suggestions.

I suppose one key factor that kept this game interesting and not tending to boring , is the randomness and probability associated with certain key elements of the game e.g. The hero to get , the type of loots , mat to get , whether farmable or non farmable. If these key parts start tending towards certainty, then it will take that flavor, that desire to get , out of the game and it will become boring.

The suggested idea of fragment items to build mat sounds good , but the randomness should still be there in terms of which mat to get farmable or non farmable.

Moreso, I kept wondering , after SH20, whats next?, such building with chance to build mats or building with chance to build troops should come after SH20.

If you don’t see the strategic aspects of this game, you are truly missing the best part of it. There is strategy involved at every level of play, from what items to craft and which training to run, to which heroes to use for a particular fight, to playing the board and the heroes. There is much more depth than a simple match 3 spray and pray.

Frankly this game is all about strategies and skills, you need both in all aspects of the game . And the depth of it depends on how really far you want to go. If you chose to stay at trivial stage you see nothing more.

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I like this idea. It’s similar to what SGG has done with Atlantis coins, which are effectively Atlantis summons shards: when you collect 100, they act as an Epic Hero token for the Atlantis portal.

If every Titan dropped at least one Mat shard, but possibly much more (like gems), then one would always feel like you’re making progress. With the current binary outcome (you either get a rare mat or you don’t) bad luck can create despair.


My fear is that ascension materials would be nerfed and it would be even harder to get ascension materials. If this was an additional way, I’d be all good but I don’t think this is an end-all-be-all idea.

Thanks for your point. Randomness is one of the great aspects of game designs if developed properly. (Not this game and total dependency on RNG). those fragments can also be random. But they at least mean something to user. That fighting titans after titans and stress of wars are not just waste of time and efforts and useless. That small boost to gamer that her doings have not been in vain.