Ascension materials calculator for 3* and higher heroes

Hi all,

Some time ago I wanted to figure out which items I would need to hunt to ascend all the 3* and higher heroes I had to their max level. As doing this by hand is quite some work, I created a calculator. You can input the heroes and items you have, and it’ll tell which items you still need and where you can find them.

I figured maybe more people would like to use it, so I made a Google Sheets version to share: Ascension Materials Calculator . Instructions on how to use it are included on the first sheet. 1* and 2* heroes are not included in the calculator, as I don’t expect anyone to level those up.

If you just want to check the items you’ll need for a specific ascension level, check the second sheet.

For the data I heavily relied on the sheet for high level ascensions from @Coppersky, but I amended it with data I got by playing the game and input from my fellow guild members in Down the rabbit hole (:wave: @Konijntje).

If you find any faults in the file or in the data, please do not hesitate to let me know.

As you can see on the second sheet, for some ascension levels I have not yet checked the materials needed in-game (current values are expectations based on the patterns in the materials needed). If you are able to confirm the materials needed for any non-checked ascension levels, please let me know!


I’ve borrowed it to play with awhile. I’ll post any findings here. :slight_smile:

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I love this setup! But I can’t make it work. :frowning:
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With view only privileges I am unable to enter my heroes for the calculations to take place.

I found a reference for protecting sheets and cells in google docs, so you would be able to allow editing for only the cells required. When you have this sorted, please let me know and I will test!

Good Luck!

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Since multiple people using the same calculator wouldn’t give anyone the desired results, the shared link is only to view the sheet. You can easily make a copy to your own Google Drive, by using File -> Make a copy. In the copied version you can input your own heroes.

To make it easier to check for changes with this shared ‘mastersheet’, I have included a version number in the file name now.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Gune0303. I have something similar I have been working on. My approach is a little different but the result is much the same. You can find a link to my current version here:

I have just updated the back end data to reflect the 1.10 patch and will have it posted later hopefully.