Ascension materials are becoming very very rare

Then it’s a bug and you should report it as such because technically it isn’t possible.

Took me 11 months to max my first 4* and after 2 years only have 25 or so 4* and a couple of 5* maxed.

Strange…it only took me 3 months to max out two 4*. Very c2p btw. Side accounts absolutely f2p and each have less than 3 months to live and yet several of them have a 4* maxed out as well. Rather, at last ascension, 40+ level, but getting there, also not paying full attention to those side accounts. Probably you needed time to understand a lot of game mechanics in the beginning. But 11 months for a 4* is a lot.

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I just couldn’t get mats after leaving my first alliance for them being useless, bailed on my second because I was just useless to them. And more recently my third alliance are simply just wonderful people.


Well, I got similar experience with my starting alliance as well. My GF was the same. So the two of us have our own alliance now and we manage great by ourselves. Still, there are other ways to get mats beyond the alliance wars and titans, and those should give you enough to get at least one 4* to max sooner. But probably you had awful RNG with mats from chests and MV in the beginning. That would explain it.

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I genuinely felt like I was cursed. I was up against a wall with a collection of 3/60 4*s and truthfully I lack natural talent imo. Finally passed the wall and progressed nicely.

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I agree. I kill 14* Titans daily, and still rarely get them. Please SG, Petri, whoever, I spend alot on this game, but have spent much less on summons, due to not having 5* mats. Please help change this.

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