Ascension materials are becoming very very rare

If only this were true. We do 12* titans and a lot of times I get A+ and A, and very very rarely get better than 5 or 10 gems or a chainmail.

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As the title says, ascension materials are rare and heroes are growing… making the old ones obsolete. But, you can buy like $30 for 3000 gems and choice of one 5* ascension mtl. Piggy bank.

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This is the part I dont get as I still play an online direct PVP game online for 23 years now (totally player supported software build updates; had to be made 64 bit compliant etc). We have map editing tools, the works reskin a troop? No problem. Microsoft bought Bungie to get Halo for the XBox1 and made it (the game I play) free and open as MS didn’t want to support or be a developer for Apple games. The lag between here and the USA (pings 300-400ms) means I never do well but then I’m not that amazing either.

You are correct, the newer is better as it should be, continuous improvement. Thus, it is a correct statement that those who invested in old technology (old games like season 1 and 2 and HOTM era a year or more ago), lost their money but they enjoyed it. If they want to continue the enjoyment, playing the game, they have to retool, $pend more . I am one of them so I say, enough is enough. As street smart says, I do not get money here anyway. Simply, I will stop playing my end of March. Remember Farmville? It was developed by Zynga; due to expansion of fields,. the game became time consuming and spent more to ease the game. Farmville died of natural course… players quits. As I mention, I enjoy the game before but spend no more. Have a great day and have fun!

Only whales did, I still don’t get asesion mats. So they are just unlevelled heroes that have never been used. Zynga/SG’s rapacious greed is getting old really fast.

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Did you get my friend request? Sorry… Im a bit of a line noob…

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One thing’s for certain, looking at all the comments, seems like it’s best for me to play with 4* and 3/70 5*. And occasionally max out a worthy 5*. At least no one complains about the 3* ascension mats and everyone seems to have a very large stockpile of those.

I disagree.
Best is making a deep 4* roster because it’s faster and cheaper. They also enable you to finish missions that give you 4* mats.
After that, level 5* heroes to defeat better titans, finish 5* events and enjoy raids and wars.

Edit: if you pay a lot of money and get the better heroes, you might wait with 4* mats on weaker heroes. However, if you already spent, you probably pay as well for mats.

I did not I’m afraid. Are you Homaclese on line as well?

homaclese22… some dirty guy stole homaclese

You don’t actually need to have ascended 4* heroes to complete the rare quests that give you 4* mats. I finished my first one with three 3* and two 3/60 4*. But yeah, I agree that 4* roster gives you the ability to open platinum and diamond arena raid chests, kill better titans and win more wars for better chance of getting 4* mats. Still, even with the better percentages those are unreliable sources.

Edit: Correction, after I gave it some thought, I don’t think that a deeper 4* roster gives you the chance to win more wars. On the contrary - your chances of winning wars decrease since it becomes more likely to face more overpowered 4* and 5* heroes in general.

I do enjoy raids and wars even as it is right now. I don’t think 5* will give me more enjoyment. Actually it would be far less enjoyable for me to constantly battle the overpowered 5* heroes like ninjas with the few 5* S1s which I will have after a certain time.

Defeating better titans with 5* sounds nice, but again, that is an unreliable source of 4* mats. And also a constant drain of crafting resources for items like tornadoes and time stops. No thanks. I’d rather not go over 5* titans at all.

Edit: I don’t also like the idea of team effort for obtaining anything in this game. Ganging 30 players on a single mob…no, not for me. So I don’t want any loot from titans unless I kill them myself.

In more than TWO YEARS, I have gotten exactly SEVEN 5* to the final grade. That’s it.
Kagebuardo, maxed out
Vivica, 19
Telluria, 19
Rafaele, 16
Marjanna, maxed out
Zulag, max level
Vivica, max level
I’ve only gotten a grand total of 10 mystic rings and Royal Tabards.
Even the Alchemy Lab is utterly worthless. Just wasted 300 Gems, food and entire week to convert a Damascus Blade into…a Damascus Blade! This game is a rip-off.

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u cant convert a d-blade into a d-blade, the result is everytime a different ascension material

Have you not been doing every Rare quest or completing the Seasonal Events.

I mean just from what is built into the game you should have more than enough to ascend more than 7 heroes in 2 years. I’m at 26 ascended and resources available for another 3 and I haven’t bought that many items. Probably no more than 5 total (usually if I was sat at 5 things and got impatient)

Everyone plays differently and whilst the pace of this is glacial it doesn’t feel like you’ve been taking advantage of what it gives you access to.

How do I even TRY to compete in events with ratings above 4500, with rigged conditions designed to hamstring the player even more? Are you not paying attention?

Because you can complete them with teams well under the recommended number.

I completed my first legendary level 6 months into the game and I wasn’t throwing cash at it.

What??? They don’t have a guaranteed different mat???

I meant seasonal events…not sure if he’s getting confused with monthly events :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Yes they do. You can’t turn a D.Blade into another D.Blade using 10B in the alchemy lab

It happened to me. I am in the process of retrying using the Damascus Blade I got.

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