Ascension materials are becoming very very rare

I always get crap for A+ on Titans (XI), I got used to it.

Maybe you should/could search this nice spreadsheet for ascension mats, fill it in and see what average loot you got and get (do this once a week or every 2 weeks and look if the numbers are decreasing). I’m relatively stable at a daily average of 1.06 3* or 4* ascension mats, so I don’t worry, even if I have a bad streak.

I am writing to you as a dedicated player of your game and someone who enjoys it very much.
First and foremost I thank you for offering such a great game.

But there is one thing I would like from you please. I am a player who has invested quite a bit of cash in the game but I have come to a point to be honest had I not spent so much I would give up on this great game as the pace for advancing is so so slow.
Can you please find a way to make ascension materials more available , maybe with more sales in the shop.
I feel like by the time I get my heroes where I’d like them to be I’ll be 100 years old. And although being a reasonably good spender and gambling for heroes I want , I am starting to think , what’s the point as it will take me forever to make them max capacity.
I hope you read this mail and take it into consideration.

Thank you


Thanks Copoto. There is a thread discussing the frequency (or rarity) of ascension materials. I’m going to merge your plea with that.

Thank you :pray:t3::blush: and hope my plea gets answered :blush:


Before If I remember rigth, In seasonal events free offers contains AM.
This also new…
What do you need from us? I Couldn’t pay hundred dollars to any game.
Atlantis days are also reduced…

Last Springvale and Sand Empire didn’t have free AM. Human mind and memories are tricky…
I’m still at 1.06 per day and my alt 0.5…

And I searched for the offer calendars for 2018, it seems there was no free AM, too - here the calendar for Christmas:


No ascension material for a weeks. Only gloves. İts very near to give up.

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Don’t give up man. It’s almost December, play the seasonal event at least till Jan. After that if you still feel that you are not enjoying the game anymore then you can reevaluate things. Just keep grinding. :slight_smile:


Bro…how lucky are u!!! Lol congratz but I hate u lol

I’ve been playing for 6 months, always short of AM, changed to F2P at least until I can collect another set of 4* AM. Decided to log my AM loot and here is the result for 1st logged month:

  • Total: 39, avg 1.3 / day
  • 4* (10) 3* (29)
  • Titan is the best un-guaranteed source, then the elemental chest

All loot

AM by source


AM by Type


AM by Star



Was this more or less than what you would have imagined? Hopefully you continue to log this and post it :+1:t2:

Like everyone else, I see myself ‘unlucky’ :confounded:
Look at above data, I was in some dry period where there was no AM at all, every time a titan is down, I think meh, it will be another row of 2* as usual.
It’s very upset and it’s the reason why I start logging.

10 4* in a month is good, isn’t it? With this progress, a rainbow of 5* can be ascended in 3 months.

Anyway, if you guys found upset about AM drop rate like me, start logging. Looking at the data and see the truth.


Your average rate of AM/day is very similar to mine. Good job logging the data in such detailed manner. I usually just log the numbers not the source. :slight_smile:


Seems good, yeah. I too feel I get very little so this makes me want to keep track. December 1st seems like a good day to start :slight_smile:

İts very amazing charts. Im very impressed
I made a simple calculations on my heros and inventory.
5* heroes needs 8qtty 3* and 8 qtty 4*
4* heroes needs 5qtty 3* AM
Within 7 months survey
Totaly I gained;
4* AM are 35(4MRing, 3Tscope, 9 dart, 7 Rtab, 6Mtonic, 6Dblade, 9Ttactics)
3* AM are apprx 125.
İt seems my lucky is half of you.

An intresting luck is that, after bellow massege I gained 4 AM in a day. :slight_smile:


I have gotten 4 trap tools within the past 2 weeks or so. I was fresh out on my first alternate profile.

Titan defeat earlier today.

Titan defeat a couple days ago.

Titan defeat before the second one.

4th one came from Morlovia. So in my experience at least with the three star mats, the game usually gives them to me as I need em. Funny part is, I pulled 2 Proteii in November’s Atlantis. Guess that is the game’s way of saying, here level them up asap.

Okay correction, that last one came from my 2nd alt. But I think my point is being made although kinda in a ugh kind of way, the game has been slinging ascension mats my way a lot lately. I don’t really keep track as much as I should.

I have ten heroes waiting AM.

I’m still at 1.05 per day…

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I had 1 sturdy shield after maxing Kingston in October. I have 20 at the moment. The one I was actually short on has been coming nonstop. I like this.

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I pulled two mystic rings in three days by fluke

Wish my luck would translate to actual 5* heroes because I don’t need this kind of luck lol

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