Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

It really and truly is random as far as I can tell. I went through a LOONG dry spell recently. But this past week, I’ve gotten darts, a tabard and a telescope from the normal chests/mystic vision. The chances are just really low, so it is very likely to be streaky.

If anything good drops just because you play the game, how can SGG sell you those same items to you and get that 5th yacht ?


I am going through a major drought and can’t help but notice it coincided with them opening the floodgates on the offers. Seems like they have tripled the amount of offers related to ascension mats and that increase coincides with my drought. Not totally convinced that it’s shady business but man when your in the middle of these depressing stretches your mind can’t help but got he conspiratorial route.


I’ve assumed the same thing a while back. Then I started documenting the 4* mat drops each month and it hasn’t changed at all. Those stretches definitely seem like an eternity though.

I’ve kept track of my 4* ascension loot from july 2021 till present. Till july 2022 I really got allot of items. Now its just to cry. For example: From July 2021 till July 2022 I’ve gotten 160 types of 4* materials (44 of them are from Titans. Since 24th of July i’ve gotten 16 items (1 of them is from Titan).

Yea, those pesky dry spells will happen. I had one Jan - March this year downing 14* titans where I only got 1. Then it picked up quite a bit. It happens.

Same here. All I can say is that I was simply dumb to focus on monster chests. After 600+ monster chests, I got…6 4* mats. That is crazy.

For the past months (9+ months), I get 4* from: rare quests, path of valor + rarely alkashards.

And I do 3 to 4 chests a day, but I’m soon to start simply ignoring the raid + wanted chests.

Damn, even the war chest with 100% participation gives me farmable material…

As such, I’m no longer doing raids (my defense team is all 1* heroes), I’m no longer in war but I don’t know why I still spend 2-3 hours a day into game and 6+ hours when atlantis / wf / etc are active.

Not to mention the Hero Academy, over 60 retrainings gave me all season 1, not even a costume.

Rant over :sweat_smile:

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It will go up and down.
I have had 4* mats from two of my three latest Elemental Chests, and today I got Telescopes from a Raid chest

Wishing you luck with future RNG

I’m going to add another question, and it’s a question. Why am I going to spend money summoning new heroes if when you get one you can’t raise it due to lack of ascension items?

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You can either get AM through purchace or patience. If you go with “neither” you’re going to be frustrated. There are lots of things to spend money on other than pulls. If you don’t have the AM to level up the heros you have, and want to spend some money, you can buy AM/aethers/emblems from the offers and from the shop.

I’m just saying that they should give us all a break including those people who P2P like you said you have 50 heroes that are sitting @ 3/70 well for I I cut down by eliminating heroes @ the soul exchange summoning too many TC heroes and in need to get rid of. The only way to get those ascension mats is you need to spend more money $$$ more money means more ascension mats common sense isn’t well I would like to sit here and be whine about then so be it if it gets the words out then yes

I have over 30 5* heroes with nearly half leveled up and waiting for materials. I have stopped buying the new Hero promos as i am so deep with heroes i need to level. The have added so many ways to get heroes but did not scale the materials needed to ascend them. Fix this as i am starting to lose interests. I spend $50 a week on hero eye candy but have not spent any money in the last month and counting.

I will never understand those complaints…
If you spent that much to acquire those heroes, why don’t YOU scale your spending on mats? It seems you spend a lot on heroes but nothing on mats, here’s the problem…
F2P and (V)C2P (like me) don’t have this issue because our “spending on heroes” matches our “spending on mats”, be it 0 for F2P. I personally have no problem with ascension mats.


In my book they just don’t puts enough offer up for my liking

They need to put more Mat offers without gems I have gems I only wish mats and not one of each lol that never make sense to me when I see those offer with one of each cause titan loot is not that great