Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

I don’t need the items to have a higher drop rate personally. I want them to sell me more items because even with a higher drop rate, I have wayyyyyy to many heroes to level. I would still be throttled back hard regardless. I’m actually shocked they aren’t dropping offers more frequently for ascension items. I will buy every one, because the hero is literally worthless if they’re not leveled and at least emblemed to the seventh node.

From a f2p or c2p standpoint I totally get it. I will say the biggest place where ascension items are lacking for me are the tournaments and tower events. I’ve been in top 1% a bunch of times in tourneys. My loot however wasn’t much better than being in the 25% tier. So I don’t rebuy unless I’m below 25% or I just enjoy the tourney.

The tower events are just ridiculous. You have to do those for clout lol. Because the items needed to complete the event is extremely costly. It’s literally cheaper to just buy the emblems. So I will say ultimately, I do get the frustration. If lack of materials effect their bottom line, it will change. Otherwise I suppose we can all dream lol. Cheers!

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Taxa de aparição de heróis um lixo, espolios um lixo, além disso fica claro que tem gente que é beneficiada enquanto outros são incrivelmente ignorados. Não são mesquinhas, são covardes e querem lucro!!!

Hero spawn rate is rubbish, loot is rubbish, plus it’s clear that there are people who benefit while others are incredibly ignored. They are not petty, they are cowards and they want profit!!!

Tools of ascension should be dropped more frequently, it’s not fair one should have to wait almost a year for a items to be released. I’ve been waiting for Damascus blade for 6 months, I now need this one item for three heroes

Those blades are dropped once every 7 weeks in the Farholme pass. If you’ve been waiting 6 months, you’ve missed 4 quests with the Damascus Blade available.



Good to know, I’ll be on the lookout moving forward!

Best of luck Shari! I’m always light in Blades too

I am in the same boat, and agree 100%.


Now topic is in “slow mode” lol. When the game is so greedy, that the players are flooding the forum with complaints, they take it a step further and silence the players lol.

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It’s not silencing you though is it because you’ve just been able to say that.

What slow mode does is forces you to think about what comment you want to make before you make it.

It then allows for some level of debate to follow in the more “hot-headed”
Topics where you just end up with the same people spamming the same thing and making it so an actual discussion is impossible.

Silencing you would be removing the forum or locking all the threads. Something they’ve not done. Say what you like about them but the fact they allow the level of negativity shows that they respect freedom of speech. Just not when that crosses the line which is only fair.

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Censorship and silencing isnt that black and white lol. Putting the topic in slow mode is only to deter people from commenting. I was able to write that, but not able to reply to your typical nonsense after though.

But you have just replied to me. So not silenced not censored are you?

By the very definition that you replied to me you argument that you are being “silenced by the man” is a bit of a daft one.

But like pen pals I’ll await your next thrilling response as and when you get to it.

Titan Chest has to be changed, it always comes bad and takes at least 5 days to open.
And 5 days to open nothing, better stop for good.


I’ve been playing 5 months. I’ve had 3* ascension materials. Just recently I got a tabbard and a scope in the same chest. I think that’s rare, again I’m new, so I’m not sure what the drop rates were before. I’ll keep tracking it. For me it’s the actual titan loot that I get nearly nothing from. Even the rare titans, so far have not gotten that rare ascension item from even those titans yet.

I agree with you I’ve got so many good heroes that are @ 3/70 and I’m not getting the right ascension mats either and I’ve been playing for well over 2 1/2 years and I’m sic and tired of SG’s bs I’ve invested too much money and time on EnP for something that I’m not getting it and this is not acceptable an excuse but to complain for they are so freaking stingy on giving them away. The odds for getting a 4* mats are getting slimmer by the minute it’s like sitting in front of the portal and summoning your money away and not getting what you want the odds of getting the mats you want is impossible this is a supposed to be a game for all ages but they are actually promoting people to gamble their money away. We’re only a mere voice in this forum did they bother to read the comments that people have stated no they haven’t all they know is how to rip people off its scandalous how they can get away with it that’s my opinion and please it’s not a cry out but a small suggestion please SG don’t be so freaking stingy with them 4* ascension mats this is all I have to say @ the moment.

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It’s so funny. It’s a feast or famine thing. LMAO! It’s darts…NO! I need telescopes! NO! I tonics! :rofl:

We can take from many quests and path of valor
Farsight telescope
Mysterious tonic
Mystic rings
Poison darts
Royal tabard
But we can find only from 1 Quest
tome of tactics and Damascus blade.
Make some quests or path of valor to drop and this items.

You need 6 color specific 4* mats and only 1 tome/dblade per 5* so it kinda make sense for tomes and dblades to be less common than others but it would be nice to have them sometimes in PoV.

You are fortunate to have all those items. I can’t say that for myself. I really really dislike the algorithms of this game, I get the same damn heros constantly, rarely do I get anything new or a hero of the month. I just use the free token nows. I refuse and have refused to spend $ on 3 stars for pulls. When I use the training camp same ones there too. Mainly ULMER the 3 stars or I think his name is Gunter. I rarely get green or yellow troops to build with. I keep playing not sure why I find it very boring now except those quests which I am now locked out of because I don’t have 2’s and 3’s.