Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

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This are very rare in my opinion I am happy for you, but EnP could do a much better job and stop making it so unbelievably difficult for us to get the materials we need. Stop building more seasons and focus on giving us more land and things the players can actually get excited about and keep us playing I don’t even play season 3 and 4, I hate those bombs because if your tiles don’t line up which most of the time at least on mine, it’s not worth it. Some say it’s skill, well regardless of skill if you don’t get the tiles you need to hit then it’s pointless. I only stay because of the Alliance we have created.


How about going back to the ‘Good Old Days’ when you had a fairly good chance of getting a random 4* ascension items in a rare chest? I never chest skip anymore (cash / gem income opportunity here SG / Zynga) as never see these anymore, well only very, very rarely.

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Many people here will say that those “good old days” never happened. Players like you and I just imagined them, apparently. That chest loot was always bad, and we’re just using rose biased confirmation colored lenses to imagine a past that never was.

… though it’s also equally possible that they’re just trying to gaslight us. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking:


It doesn’t matter whether the chests were better or not.
Right now it’s just unacceptable to open elemental or war chest and receive 3* mats, grey tokens, and 5 gems or coins… This loot might be good for one month players but not for advanced guys.

SG keeps pushing new heroes like every month , i can’t keep up with the amount of new shiny 5 stars that are impossible to get or level. Why would we summon more if majority of our roster is stuck on 3/70?

I hate that A or B grade on titan gives me absolutely nothing while C is a mats-rain. Who tf designed this???

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Sadly, I’m in the other boat. I have enough mats to level 1-2 of EVERY color. Unfortunately I haven’t drawn a 5* for 6-8 months.

I have 11 heroes waiting for hidden blades,
The only blade i’ve got is from recent gardians event…
The drop rate of this item is really poor compared to other acention mat’s.
You want us to pay for sumoning heroe’s BUT what’s the point if we cannot level them up…
If i had not put so much into this game it would be deleted from my device,
I will not be sumoning any more until the mats needed start to increase,
Hoping you fix this S G , if i dont see improve ment i will probably quite the game and realize i’ve been robbed of my hard earned cash that you were happy to take…


Without knowing your level or your alliances level all I can say is they drop. We’ve all been at the mercy of 3* mat RNG but the following will drop them:

Monthly Event completion
Elemental chest
War chests
Seasonal event completion

I’m sure I’ve missed some but I recall waiting ages for the 4th hidden blade for Boldtusk. That and a compass took ages.

Now I have over 30 ascended reds and 44 hidden blades. Which is the lowest of my pile.

It’s hard to believe but you feel like you are in the desert desperate for water…then the games gives you so much you’ll never be short again. But then it introduces you to a new 4* shortage…but that’s a different matter.

All I can say is that for a lot of us there came a point where hidden blades became junk. It will happen to you too if you are hitting the right levels for them


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Unless you open the regular chests at least 4x a day and/or defeat titans daily and/or rank highly in the weekly events and/or get lucky watching Mystic Vision 3x a day, prepare yourself quiting and uninstalling the game. The grind is real.

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I’m getting very frustrated with the lack of ascension items iv not seen any since the event iv got 4 /5* waiting to get finished plus many more that will not be getting levelled for some time now because of how ridiculous it is getting ascension items. @Staff_SGG you need to give better loot or least stick better odds in getting them .

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Titan drops and chests are the worst of them… Haven’t received 4*mat from them in months now, no matter the grade…
This seriously needs to be improved. The game is now 4 years old but quests and rewards are only good for newbies :confused:


These are not enough! The loots -all the loots- suck big time. For the last one year, I guess I have got just one 4* mat from a regular monster chest, and there are so many players who dont pull any hero no more cause they dont have mats for them.

I have like 19 blue heros that need telescopes, and I have just one telescope… my poor cobalt will be at 3 70 for a long long time if these are the only sources for 4* mats! The devs should increase the odds for 4* mats to make the game interesting!

Please think about improving the game and being too greedy will be the death of the game!
And just an example, I got like 56k hams and 120k iron and JUST 1 gem from the monster chest today… I had a red chest the other day that give me a 3* notebook ( I dont even know what is the name of that thing) and I get that from playing a stage in s2, s3, and s4 maps!! The loot suck ++ please improve themmmm


I’m gonna keep posting whatever I get from any loot right here everyday :slight_smile:

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Forgot what 4 * items look like. They do not fall at all, anywhere, not from chests, not from titans, not from wars, not from advertisements. It’s getting BORING to play! After all, why do I need heroes, why do I need to catch a new one, if there is nothing to reborn the old with. I caught the heroes six months ago, they are all already becoming obsolete, and I haven’t played them yet. Items have not dropped for months and I am increasingly thinking about deleting the game.


Very much understand your frustrations . For some of us, they simply don’t drop and the 4* mat dry spells out last the heros we summon at this point .

Sadly, I dare say the strangle hold on them, isn’t going to ease its’ grip any time soon.


IDK, what you’re thinking about :crazy_face:

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Almost 2 months ago, he gave me the game of Kilhar

But he has not tabarded me since then About 150 boxes daily And all Titan And see mystic prizes And alchamy
But even one did not tabard Except for one tabard,
who came from Quest I still have 4 tabards missing Except

I need to 12 tabards for zulag and domita

What is the real purpose of the company from this work that either gives hero but does not give material or vice versa Do you think that it is true that I have to wait a year because of this very small issue?
Do we have to pay?
Even if I want to give money, I will offer to get 16 tabards

Where is the justice?
Look picture and tell me what i do

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There’s a tabard on the free side of Path of Valor this time. That plus the one you’ve gotten over the past two months - actually a decent haul. Wait for the next event to come around offering the tabard and you’ll have all six!

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Are you going to have the shame and decency to give me SG 4 * materials to advance in the game? Do you know that more than a year without materials except in events and it is a single material, nothing in mystical vision, nothing in chests, nothing in titans it’s embarrassing
Give me the opportunities that you say, I already ask you to please if you are legal and do not make excuses please


They said pretty clear that they don’t have any plans to rise the number of ascension mats, so don’t hope for anything that won’t change.

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