Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

Well unless ppl summon a lot AM’s are not a problem…
i used to be a moderate spender (10-30 pulls per month), and when i did that i didnt have enough AM’s…

I became 100% f2p 6 months ago, and the Am’s started to stockpile…I
leveled 5* 9 heroes during those 6 months…
Now i have the mats but not the heroes…
i have 55 fully ascended 5* heroes, 60 4* and 47 3*
Mats i have 18 Tabards, 12 Darts, 13 Scopes, 6 Tonics, 7 rings, 13 DBlades 10 Tomes… and over 100 of each non farmable 3*…

My point is unles you are P2P, mats are not the problem.
I’m pretty sure any F2P (playng for 2+ yrs) has way more mats than 5* heroes to lvl…

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Let me state, I’m a bit of a mini whale. Been playing 6-ish months. Level 34, 50-Ish 5 stars, 8 of them maxed, 21 4 stars maxed. Hitting 14* titans daily with 120-200k scores regularly. I’ve spent thousands of dollars. But what’s the point…

I have 7 Dblades, 8 scopes, 4 tonics, 6 rings, 7 darts, 11 tabards and 0 tomes. I have all these great heroes I’ve spent a fortune for, but no way to level them. It’s ridiculous how rarely these materials drop. Fortunately the mat issue has been saving me money since I’ve stopped spending on event heroes since I can’t get the mats needed to level them but that’s not the point. There’s no reason a 5* should need both a tome and Dblade plus the 6 color specific mats. If I hadn’t spent the cash I have, I’d have no more than 2 5* leveled now and that’s a maybe, but doubtful.

I understand longterm players need the benefit of time and shouldn’t be beaten by whales after a few weeks, but this is ridiculous. Part of my 6 months was spent during Perseus and Zeline seasons and I swear mats dropped more easily then.

SG, some heroes should need tomes, other need Dblades but both with your economy, it sucks. I have no reason to spend unless the offer has mats included. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a F2P player. You need to drop more mats, or reduce the need for Dblades AND tomes. It’s nuts and not like any other game I’ve enjoyed.

It’s kind of the only balance for cheap players that mats are hard to come by. Otherwise, everything in this game favors PTW. What I mean is, if you patiently wait for the heroes to come, either not spending or only moderately spending, the mats are basically no longer a problem. If you chase all the shiny new heroes, you’re inevitably going to be hurting for mats. I don’t know if there’s a solution that doesn’t make the game even more hopeless for cheaper players.

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Actually there have been a few F2P players who stated that they’re swimming in ascension mats after 2-2.5 years of play and have a sufficient amount of ascended 5*, even though those are primarily from S1. I am also F2P, although only a bit more than 3 months in the game, and there is already extra stockpile of ascension mats for a 4* holy and for a 4* nature hero…because I have none to ascend! The truth being - if you want to spend thousands of dollars on sumons, be ready to spend even more on those stupid 600-gem ascension pack deals in hopes of getting the needed items from them, because obviously your goal is to ascend your 5* ASAP and not wait a couple years to assemble the mats the normal way.

DAS WIRD nicht mehr besser werden , sogar noch schlimmer werden. Genau so wie mit denn immer Schlechter werdenden Spielebords. Der Spas an diesem Spiel ist schon lange vorbei. Wo rum es nie noch geht , das die Leute die ohne Ende Kohle Investieren sich Messen tun wer mehr Geld ausgibt. Das Spiel ist nur noch was für neben bei .

There seems to be a common problem getting tomb of tactics. I for one need a minimum of eight. I have needed them for over two months. And haven’t received any. I don’t know if it’s an oversight sending them out? But I know several others have the same problem. I know y’all are Uber busy, but this has to be a quick fix.
Thanks a mil

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Now that Frostmarch is here, Farholme Pass 1 with the Tome of Tactics should be the Rare Quest within the next 7-10 days. Not sure where to get the other 7 though.

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Hi Ray008 I hate to burst your magical bubble but I’m taking their sides they are right about one thing they’ve turned this game to a gambling ring you have all ages paying an arm and a leg on pulling heroes and trying to obtain the necessary ascension items from special packages. For Christ sake you have children that are 10 years old and older paying these ridiculous prices and not get what they want and your heroes ends up suffering because of this atrocity.

I’ve only been playing for a few months and I’ve invested so much time and effort in obtaining new and classic TC heroes and I’m burnt out from spending so much time and money for something I’m not going to look forward because I’m stuck and I’m not going nowhere the developer has to understand how we underdogs feel don’t get me wrong I love to enjoy this game but changes needs to be made or consequences maybe great like losing daily gamers.

Losing valuable costumers on a daily basis is something they should reconsider but they don’t they think they their motto is you got to lose some to gain some that’s their philosophy. When also some says, “when it comes it will come.” Has no idea in what he/she is talking about is bc their not going through the frustration others are going through. You are the only individual that has not complain or see others perspectives in how this games is ruining their thrill of playing the game. I’ve said too much I’ll let this be and let the others speak their minds on how this game became fun to no fun. I’m also encouraging others to speak against Small Giant and how they are wrecking the game for everyone this is supposed to be an all ages game am I right it feels like your in a casino gambling I kid you not.

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Well, one down…that’s a start. Lol

It’s called patience! The game is not meant to be instant gratification. That’s the problem with people these days. They don’t want to put I. The work to get the reward. Suck it up and stop doing pulls when you can’t use them anyway. Simple solution.

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I spend a fair amount of money on this game, and I am about 1 crap chest and Titan loot from quitting. How is it acceptable to kill 14* titans daily, and over 50% of the time only get 1 3* non farmable mat, or none? It is bad enough that we have to spend a fortune to get a good hero in the portal, but now we can’t even get mats? Add this to the list of reasons this game is dying.

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Oh I can see it from the other side because I’m on the other side. When I first wrote my reply back in 2019 I had 12 sitting at 3/70. I now have well over 50 heroes sitting at 3/70. It is ridiculous but I’m not whining or crying about not being able to get all the mats I need. As I said in my original post why would SG change their business model when it literally makes them millions of dollars each month. I’d love to go through their books to see what their all making. We all like to play this game. But not everyone is successful. Life is the same way unless you live in some Utopian socialistic country somewhere where everybody is 100% equal (btw, that place doesn’t exist). So yea it sucks and when it sucks too much then go away and play something else. SG will be here when you decide to come back. This particular game has sustainability and unless something drastically changes it will continue to thrive despite your arguments to the contrary …they have a winner and they know it. It’s why they don’t really listen to the beta community unless it’s to nerf every single hero they put out. Then they listen for some unexplained reason but not always …sometimes they release them and then nerf them which really should’ve made everyone get up and leave in protest but it didn’t. Why? Sustainability. They designed an almost perfect slot machine that adults and kids alike enjoy pulling for all those shiny new heroes.

I have not seen a Tome for ages nor drawn a 5* Valhalla hero despite 40 plus pulls nor a HOTM despite 125 plus summons plus the Valhalla pulls. If this continues I am likely to stop playing. Fair sharing is a reasonable request so I sympathise with anyone in the same boat. This game is fun and social but everyone deserves something for financial investment or else they leave. Has the odds been changed lately? I would appreciate a reply. Thanks

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I’ve been playing this game for over 3 years. I wasn’t “whining” by a long shot. It was simply a comment I had made on a forum, in response to a conversation I had had with other gamers, that was merged onto another feed.
I find it utterly… disenchanting how cantankerous people can be in response to a simple comments.

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