Ascension materials - An appeal to quit being so stingy with them MASTER

Nice, congrats! Aside from the recent rare quest, I haven’t seen a 4* mat for over a week. I track all of my elemental chests, no 4* mat in the past 5 elemental chests.

@Cheds is correct. 4* ascension mats was rarely dropped even on this game’s first year of release. When they do, they do in waves. Sometimes it’s raining, most of the time its drought times. I also have been availing Mystic Visions 3 times a day and it has been more than 3-4 months since I got a 4* ascension. mats. I am due anytime soon but not as lucky as @Magnifique there.

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I really don’t consider myself lucky with 4* mats drop, I have members in my alliance a lot luckier than me… but definitely January has finally been a luckier month for me.
I go through a lot of the so called “dry spells”.

I’ve been tracking all my elemental chest loot and MV since March 2020( had to keep myself busy during the quarantine :rofl:)…and I’ve started tracking every 4* mat drop from all the other sources for 4 months now.

Elemental chests results:
March -December 2020: 29 chests - total of 3- 4* mats.
January 2021: 4 chests - 2 4*mats .

About MV, it took me almost 7 months ( June 20.2020) to get a 4* mat from it but then I got 2 of them in only 24hrs ( January 14.2021). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Now the total amount of 4* mats I have received in the last 4 months. I’m not counting the purchased, gem related chests ( Valhalla, AR etc) or from rare quests where they are guaranteed for everyone.

Total amount of 4 mats :
October - 3 mats
November- 3 mats
December- 2 mats
January- 9 mats ( 5 of them in only 24 hrs frame, the luckiest day for me in the E&P history :rofl: )

It’s seems that my little wave of mats has passed because for the last 7 consecutive killed titans I got no mats at all , not even 3* farmable ones. In my alliance we kill 10-11* titans and I’m normally the top hitter , A and A+ scores… quiet disappointing loot.

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Agreed 4* accession material needs better odds. No reason it should take that long to level a hero. Maybe make a quest that gives mats like with emblems.


There these quest…

I’d also like the events to give a 4* of the colour reflected say pirates you get a tabard if you complete legendary.
And seasonal maybe give tome to bunnies Halloween then d.Blade at sands Christmas.

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I’ve made a suggestion to convert legendary heroes into 4* ascension materials. If you guys think it’s a good idea please check it out and share to get more feedback!


Rare quests give 1* of each mat during a 2-month rotation period. So you can ascend a rainbow team of five 5-stars each year!

Too slow :smile: ? Well, there’s the challenge events as well.

Still too slow? Well guys, I don’t want what you want from Small Giant - give away mats? Please, these guys have to eat. Let them sell us the 4* ascension mats at outrageous prices one at a time :slight_smile:

Ok now seriously, the other sure sources of unfarmable mats (but mostly 3*) are the seasonal events and also the monthly saturday offers for 500 gems (this months was Shield + Gloves + Green trainer).

Then there’s the Path of Valor which until the last version could give you an unfarmable 4* mat over 2 month period…wait, they changed the challenges so that new players can’t hope to get there anymore? Well :smile: Don’t like that? Well, you can always join an alliance that kills 14* titans and get an unfarmable 4* each other day with high percent of certainty. Wait, what, they don’t want weaklings as you in such alliances and prefer players that already have a stacked with 5*heroes rosters? And you have no chance to assemble such roster on your own? Tough luck… :slight_smile:

Well, you can always rely on your elemental chests…oh wait…or on your regular wanted chests…ugh…or Mystic Visions, I hear the 4* are just pouring from there… :smile:

Sorry guys, tough world out there, here’s my 2 cents on that…since it seems that 4* heroes don’t require so many mats, and you can make them as strong as a 5* hero with the right emblems/costumes, you could stick to a rich 4* hero roster. Or you could be patient, complete all your rare quests and challenge events, find a way to get consistently VIII+ loot tiers from titans, and you will have your mats.


This my ice chest today…

Pretty pants yeah… Iv had better and worse…
The grading of mats is probably the problem aswell, I got 3* mat that are farmable and have no meaning really but still is classed as a 3* mat.
4* tome cool only unfarmable item. I could of got a 4* nugget instead… but still classed as a 4* mat.

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I don’t think that a 4* crafting mat is the same as a 4* ascension mat.

However yes, the game classifies 3* ascension mats equally, whether those are farmable or unfarmable doesn’t really matter to the algorithm.

Still you got a 4* unfarmable ascension mat, which makes this chest a good one.

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it’s a 4* or 3* mat is a 4* or 3* mat farmable or not that how the system works.
I haven’t seen any evidence other wise… 4* mana pot is a 4* mat you can get maybe a non farmable happy days.

I got a tabard from Valhalla ascension box . When I will get the last one I need for Zulag I haVe no idea . It’s a little frustrating .

Problem with materials is that they are way too depended on RNG. In one week i got 3 darts all from titans, but my ring number is stuck for weeks now, though i have plenty of reds to ascend.

Many times i didn’t get any 4 star mat from elemental chest and war chest, it should be guaranteed to have a single one per very special rewards. period.

More certainty, less RNG. This is not a lottery spot for Earth’s sake.

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As a relatively new player, I must admit, that the shortage of ascension materials is on the top of my list of things, that frustrate me so much, that it makes me consider quitting.

Can’t process further without a decent couple of four star heroes maxed. Can’t get access to a chance for ascension materials through decent scores in tournaments and challenge events outside of three star ones, because I lack said ascension materials.

Need to reach the oasis in the desert to drink. Yet so thirsty, that I have no energy to reach it.

Alright then… :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think it’s hard to progress to the next level without ascension mats.

You can obtain 3* mats via 3* teams and a forge level 10 from rare quests and ascension events.
You don’t need fully ascended 4* to complete the last stage of a rare quest - all you need is 3/60. Even a couple of 3* in the mix still make it possible, especially if those are wearing costumes.
That and TC 20 will give you steady supply of fully ascended 4* over time, and with a rich 4* roster I believe you can do almost everything in the game. Especially if you emblem a few key 4s or are lucky enough to pull a bunch of good costumed 4s along the way.

Of course, if you set unrealistic goals too early in the game then the flow of ascension mats will always be too slow for you.

Just opened an elemental chest, no 4* mats, only 1 3* non farmable mat, and not a single rare token. The chest was garbage, as most of them have been. It is pretty sad when you dont even get excited for elemental chest anymore, because they have been nerfed with the rest. Enjoyment for this game has been getting lower and lower for most players, with players leaving or spending alot less. I have no clue what SG/Zynga could possible be thinking. Is making players pay to get the mats, making odds of getting a good hero next to nill, so that players have to spend a small fortune to get them, but having half your players leave the game because of it, really worth it?


Just wanted to post an update… tonights ice chest results…NOT ONE 3* or 4* ASCENSION MATERIAL

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I have a statistic running since 22.01 on elemental chests. Since I run 18 active accounts and all.

So far: 11 chests opened. 13 non-farmable 3* mats opened and only one 4* unfarmable mat. Only 5 EHT opened, no ETT. This means an average of slightly above 1 unfarmable ascension 3* mat per chest, approximately 0.5 ETT per chest and approximately 0.1 unfarmable ascension 4* mat per chest, which fits into the expected percentages.

Edit: There has been a single chest with no unfarmable ascension mats whatsoever, and with no EHT or ETT as well. Such chests occasionally will happen, but very seldom. It’s bad RNG, nothing can be done about it, sadly.

This really doesn’t seem like a lot for F2P or C2P players - I get it that whales will always get what they need because in this game money can buy all - so my suggestion for F2P and C2P players is to focus mainly on the 4* hero roster since those seem to be fairly easy to develop and much easier to get - even the rare ones.

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Wow that is insane, or is that a type?
I spend 24/7 on just 1 account, you must have no time to eat or sleep with 18.

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Nah, not a type. It’s the truth.

17 of them are on a different device, and I quickly switch between them when I feel like it. It’s not like I’m running them full time, but I do manage to fill 1 monster chest per day, watch 2 MV on each account per day, and complete some quests. Of course, most of the time I simply have them run 12-1 or 8-7 on autoplay. They were created for free VIP purposes on the main acc and further developed for titan hits. And they do a pretty good job without me having to focus on them too much.

Edit: I have 3 more even, but not enough time to focus on those as well. They’re stuck at lvl 10 for now.

Edit+: @notyou87 If you like, I could draft you a crude chart on how to develop an account from the beginning without having to invest too much time in it, if you’re interested.

The game is a marathon, we’ve all had to run it as well.

I recall waiting over a month for the compass I needed to ascend Boldtusk, just couldn’t get one.

Now I have so many I’ll never run out of them ever again.

Of course then the new issue of 4* mats rears up and you get it all again.

But they drop. I have 25 fully ascended 5* now and the mats to do another 3 when I get something that interests me. Just doesn’t feel like it will ever change…then it does.

I had a very good 3* team that let me compete in the 3* tournaments and do the Rare level of the events, that helped get me the bits I needed to start to ascend 4* heroes and from there it opened up the Epic levels and the quests like Farholme Pass.

It just takes time and patience.

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